More fixes needed beyond June Xbox One update

The June update for the XBox One will significantly improve the console, but it leaves out two important features.

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psych1249d ago

I'd love to see digital pre-ordering and pre-loading.

lord zaid1249d ago

I believe this is something the PS4 will be gettin soon.

psych1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

@Lord Zaid

Yep, starting with Destiny.


@Disagree votes,

HanCilliers1249d ago

I am impressed with how Microsoft is listening to their customers, but on the other hand as someone pointed out yesterday "we shouldn't thank corporations when they do something they should've done...

schmoe1249d ago

Suddenly the delayed release in SA does not seem like such a bad thing for us. At least when the release is official they may have gone through some decent rounds of bugfixing

SilentGuard1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

How about adding some profile customization beyond changing the generic gamerpics and tile colors, at least to the level you can on the 360.

GearSkiN1248d ago

Xbox one gets monthly update, be patience.. Smh.