The Problem With Far Cry 4's Box Art

Kotaku: Far Cry 4's box art depicts a man wearing a lavish pink suit using what might be a religious statue as a throne. He has blonde hair and fair skin and his hand rests on the head of a man of color who kneels, passively, clutching a grenade in his hands. It's caused quite a stir.

It's not like this is senseless controversy. The image and the context surrounding it—or lack thereof—is complicated, people's reactions equal parts bemused and confused. The image itself is a hand grenade that's already going off in slow motion, and I think Ubisoft's handled it poorly.

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sdozzo1636d ago

Yawn. No one really cares about the box art. People complain because they have nothing better to do. We'll all enjoy the game. We'll all get up and go to work.

mhunterjr1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

I dunno, I think this is less about insensitivity and more about over sensitivity.... Yes, this image has racist undertones, yes the central character embodies holosexual stereotypes... My question is, so what?

Is it not ok for a character in a game to be racist? Don't racist people exist in this world? Shouldn't we want our games to more openly address such topics? This article seems to compliment ubisoft's approach to racism in Assassin's Creed 3. I thought they handled the subject in a very shallow and sterilized manner. If you didn't have the audio up or subtitles on, you wouldn't even know oppression was a theme in the game, as the visuals failed to back it up. The imagery SHOULD effectively display the subject matter, as is the case with this box art.

As far as the characters sexuality, criticism seems to stem from the fact that he dresses flamboyantly. Again, are there not gay people who dress this way? That's not an offensive stereotype. Now if this character was portrayed as a whimp, incapable of self defense, who's overly emotional, and shy's away from conflict, and is inherently submissive, I'd say it was depicting a harmful stereotype. Instead, this effeminate gay man, (however evil)is exerting dominance of his enemies and has assumed a position of power in a war zone. He has even 'conquered religion' , an area of society that is known to discriminate against and oppress homosexuals. This character appears to have turned the tables.... It's like people simply chose to ignore the symbolism here.

Gamers these days are living up to the stereotype of being whiny, entitled punks, armed with pitch forks, but lacking the IQ to know when to bring them out. That's the stereotype I'm getting sick of.

AgentSmithPS41636d ago

It sounds like a very futuristic game, I wish I had a holodeck so I could be a holosexual but I'll have to settle for VR soon ;). Interesting points though. Many humans today are just like those that watched at the roman colosseum, only now they all have front row seats and can cowardly and ignorantly toss their own spears etc at any person they want, innocent or guilty.

"So how did Ubisoft address that? By doing nothing until this week and allowing people's imaginations to run wild." Damned if you do damned if you don't, lol. People go nuts so they worry about what to say next and/or they want you to go nuts to get more attention. Aren't you glad that all the major world problems are solved so now we can relax and nitpick games? I read the whole thing :(, why do people create such drama over nothing.

mhunterjr1636d ago

I know right! Since when is "letting imaginations run wild" a bad thing when it pertains to art? Isn't that what art is for?

Now I realize this his is just a game, But imagine if all the artists, poets, and novelists in American history had to hold a n explanatory press conference everytime they utilized shocking imagery... It would be pretty sad

toddybad1636d ago

This is a complete non story.
Can we not have crap like this posted on n4g again please it just gives morons the oxygen of publicity.
If you have to consider deeply and analyse something to determine if it is offensive then it clearly hasn't actually offended anybody.