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DEATHxTHExKIDx1669d ago

Hmmmm if Chrom dosent make the cut then I'm not okay with Ike being it. TO me it should be Chrom and Marth or at least a Luciana skin for Marth.

wonderfulmonkeyman1669d ago

I doubt there's enough space for the both of them, and Ike is more familiar, so don't get your hopes up.

DarthZoolu1669d ago

Roy and Marth point blank period.

TomShoe1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Roy will probably get in as an alternate skin for Marth. Chrom or Lucina also still have a chance. FE: Awakening even has a stage for crying out loud.

Squirtle though, where are you? Curse this stupid Charizard fan-wank. It potentially killed off my main.

theshonen88991669d ago

I would have also like Chrom and Lucina. It just feels more fresh to have rosters tailored to Nintendo's recent games. For instance, a Link Between World's Link instead of Toon Link would've been nice and Cat Mario/Vacuum Luigi would've been better than boring regular Mario/Luigi.

bass4g1668d ago

It just seems a bit boring to have ike again, especially when they've previously brought in characters from new FE games. They have an awakening stage, it seems a little cheap to not have an awakening character. Roy was popular and they got rid of him. That said, if they include a character like chrom or luciana as well i'd be fine with that, especially if they brought back roy as well.

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colonel1791669d ago

I don't understand why they didn't go for characters of Awakening! The games was highly praised, and it's pretty much the best Fire Emblem. They should have added Chrom (with Luciana) skin as you said.

I also don't understand why they chose the Twilight Princess design for Link and Zelda over Skyward Sword's. Very weird! hopefully someday we get an explanation of that reasoning.

kirbyu1669d ago

They used Twilight Princess Link and Zelda because they wanted them to match Ganondorf, who wasn't in Skyward Sword.

remixx1161669d ago

I kinda wish they used skyward sword likn and zelda, SPOILER ALERT: ganons very first form demise was like nightmare+sephiroth, craziest thing ever he better be in the game.

randomass1711668d ago

Uhh guys? That's the Skyward Sword design for Link. The colors are too bright and there isn't enough gear on him to suggest it's Twilight Princess Link. TP Link had much more faded colors. Compare him to his Brawl design and see what I mean.

Chevalier1668d ago

Would be nice to see someone like Sumia or Cordelia instead, since they have spear and pole axe weapons. There are already enough sword users and fire emblem main always use swords,.... would have been nice variety.

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GamingAngelGabriel1669d ago

Ike's a way better character than Chrom.

vakarian751668d ago

Chrom shouldnt be his own character because Marth Chrom and Lucina share the same fighting style maybe theyll do what they did with the villager where they gave 2 boy skins and 2 girl skins and give Marth a Chrom and Lucina skin.

3-4-51668d ago

* There WILL be another Fire Emblem Character within the game that is playable.

* They did this to build some mystery going in.

* If they announced Ike Live, people might "boo" them because they would think chrom was automatically not in.

This way they can announce Ike, and then once they show some video with the fire emblem music playing, people can start cheering or whatever for Chrom.

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Rulink191669d ago

I really like that ike is comming back to Smash :D
he looks more uhmmm mature?

The 10th Rider1669d ago

Based off his Radiant Dawn design instead of Path of Radiance. He is older in that so it makes sense. I hope we see some alternate skins like his Path of Radiance Lord design and his Radiant Dawn Vanguard design.

TotalSynthesisX1669d ago

Cool! Ike was one of my mains in Brawl. Good to see him back.

But jeez, dude's obviously been working out.

Kevlar0091669d ago

His new look is probably to better illustrate he's a power character. Before he was a Heavy that looked like a medium

--Onilink--1668d ago

its also his look in Radiant Dawn, where he was older and much more badass.

It definitely makes him look more like a Heavy character

WeAreLegion1669d ago

Great! He's my brother's go-to character. That'll make him happy. I use Pit.

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