How Activision plans for Destiny to succeed where Call of Duty fails this generation

Sean Lama at discusses Activision's plan to build their next billion dollar franchise.

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ThichQuangDuck1666d ago

Where Call of Duty failed? Ha I would not even consider myself a fan of Call of Duty,but regardless of who hates it it still sells. Them having Destiny and Call of Duty release same year reaches them out to 2 vastly different markets. On last gen and current gen consoles for Destiny and Call of Duty all consoles with new developers.

Matt6661666d ago

I think they already ruined Destiny by adding the throwing knife into the game

TheNotoriousNiceGuy1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

So does Activision owns this ip ?

Acadius1666d ago

Bungie has said that they own the Destiny IP and merely Activision is the distributor and nothing more. Bungie didn't want a repeat of what they went through with Microsoft's tedious demands with Halo. I'm not bashing Microsoft but we all know that a parent company can suffocate developers sometimes. I love the Halo series and I'm anxious for Destiny for my PS4. I play Ghosts on Xbox One and it will show only 7,000 online and 194 in a Ground War playlist. Those are insanely small numbers compared to the previous installments. And it's a fact that Ghosts didn't sell as well compared to the other installments. Anyone remember when Ghosts challenged to break the GTA 5 first week sales but didn't?

darx1666d ago

How many are playing Ghosts on the 360?

memots1666d ago

Call of Duty failed ? still sold shit tons and all the crap dlc are plastered all over psn and xbl ..

They haven't failed yet.

Knightshade1666d ago

In terms of of narrative I'd say they are failing pretty hard. Hell, there's even a crashing helicopter in the trailer. They are running out of ideas, clearly.

rsnotz1666d ago

I've never played a single COD multiplayer. I know I'm in the extreme minority. I do have quite a few buddies who play and I enjoyed spectating. I'd have to agree with the article that COD has peaked and maybe Destiny is really Activision's next bet.

jtenma1666d ago

I hope Activision doesn't "plan" for anything.

Stay the **** away from Bungie and let them do their thing, please.

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