Kingdom Hearts III English localization may have begun, voice actor tweets involvement

PSU writes:

"Actor and comedian Gilbert Gottfried has leaked extremely exciting news for Kingdom Hearts fans: his work as Iago in Kingdom Hearts III may have begun,and English voice recording could be underway.

That's because Gilbert Gottfried doesn't voice the talking parrot Iago, a role and persona he made famous in Disney's Aladdin, in the Japanese versions of the games. Those honors belong to Akira Kamiya and Tōru Ōkawa for Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II, respectively.

There's a fair chance this tweet will be deleted before long, so here's the screen-cap:"

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KingKelloggTheWH1663d ago

More likely is KH2.5 but I still hope it is KH3, though 3 is very unlikely.

FlameHawk1663d ago

I don't think it's KH2.5, they will probably use the same audio from the originals but I might be wrong.

videgamenext11663d ago

For hd remakes they have to re record the voice overs

Lucreto1663d ago

I am not 100% sure but I think there is extra content that never made it to The west like the Final Mix stuff.

KingKelloggTheWH1663d ago

I heard they are redoing the audio for the Handheld cutscene remaster

colonel1791663d ago

Definitely KH 2.5!

Impossible to be KH 3 since they aren't in full production yet. They are still testing and probably making art design and that kind of stuff. They won't be in full production until after Final Fantasy XV gets released.

showtimefolks1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

i think people who think KH3 is early in development will be surprised how far along this game is. I think we can expect it to be released within one year time

i don't know any inside info just stating my gut feeling

VlllAxelLea1663d ago

it's probably for the new scenes for recoded /':

WeAreLegion1663d ago

Gilbert has got to stop tweeting. It lost him the Aflac job. It's going to lose him this job, too, if he's not careful. Does he know how many people can imitate his voice?!?

darkstar181663d ago

just need this to come to Wii U..

AceBlazer131663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

I really don't understand how the XB1 is getting this and not the Wii U. Nintendo is like literally the second home of the Kingdom Hearts series.If you were a Kingdom Hearts fan back in the day you needed the PlayStation consoles and Nintendo handhelds to get the full scope of the story.Kinda dickish on square's part honestly.

Hardware would be the stupidest reason to exclude the Wii U, I'd like to think Kingdom Hearts fans wouldn't mind taking a hit in the graphics department if it meant getting to play the finale to this amazing series, bit like they became fans over the graphical prowess of Kingdom Hearts.

sonerone1663d ago

probably the wiiU isn't strong enough to handle KH3, but what u saying is makes perfect sense

Squall_231663d ago

Kh 3 ? Seriously ? .. 100% it's kh2.5 ..

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