Even more Hyrule Warriors screenshots

After releasing recently screenshots on Hyrule Warrios' official Japanese website, Tecmo Koei has now released an additional batch of images showcasing the story and more.

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Grilla1488d ago

Are those pics of zelda? She looks hot:)

ChickeyCantor1487d ago

That's pretty much a chibi drawing of her. WTH?

Sly-Lupin1487d ago

Cool! Looks like they'll be doing a Wind Waker style animated intro. I always felt WW had the best opening of the whole franchise, and continually felt dismayed when each subsequent game failed to emulate it.

Anyway: anyone recognize the new toon Link and Zelda? Looks like the Skyward Sword versions to me, so if this game is incorporated into the timeline, it may be just a generation or several removed from SS.

Kennytaur1487d ago

The toons remind me of The Minish Cap. Only, without the Minish cap...

BattleN1487d ago

Ike just confirmed for Smash Bros 4 heres hoping he makes it into Hyrule Warriors!

wonderfulmonkeyman1487d ago

He's got an updated look, too....I wonder if this new look for Ike will be his form in SMT X FE?!

BattleN1487d ago

It's good enough for me!

Spooney3231487d ago

Ike Turner in smash bros ? Who's next Tina Turner?

Edsword1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

The boobs are a little over the top, unless Cia is breast feeding young. I wouldn't be surprised if they get a reduction or additional coverage before release. After all this is still Nintendo's IP.