Parry Me This - Hands-On with EA Sports UFC and What's Currently Breaking the Game - AusGamers

AusGamers has gone hands-on with a new build of EA Sports UFC and writes:

"If I had to put my finger on a single issue, I'd say it's the way the game treats striking defence. Players can put their hands up to block punches and they become essentially invincible. They still take some damage, but it's such a miniscule amount that it's a mistake to think it's worth your while. You lose more stamina attacking than you do blocking, so a player can just block until the cows come home and they'll essentially negate all your strikes. Then you're out of stamina and they can absolutely man (or woman) handle you."

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n4rc1669d ago

That's how it works.. Lol.. Always has

You need to break his guard by varying high and low attacks, and shoot for the clinch or take down if he's anticipating your strikes...

I haven't played this one yet obviously.. But what it sounds like is he's not adapting to a defence that's existed since the first undisputed

RebelWAC1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Yup and your opponent can´t block and defend your takedown/Clinch attempt at the same time so I reckon that this is a simple case of "you´re not mixing it up enough".

It´s MMA after all.

Edit: As I kept reading I must say that he seems legitametly concerned about the attack vs block issue on the stand up department. I´ll have to wait until I get my hands on the demo cause things might be a little bit different from previous installments.

venom061669d ago

its like that in real life... who is that clown that wrote this stupid article.. Have the NEVER seen an MMA fight with a puncher that only punches???? if they don't mix it up, they will get tired from only throwing punches.. and then get brutalized by their opponent.. even a 10yr knows you have to mix it up with punches and kickes... REAL dumb article.. nothing to see here, move along.

snookiegamer1669d ago

..but it all looks so realistic!

snookiegamer1669d ago

Well yup I kinda do....never seen MMA fighters up close, but for a game it looks pretty real to me.

But what do I know?

...I like Netball :)

Anthotis1669d ago

Watch an MMA fight. When a guy turtles up, it's difficult to land anything effective, which is when a fighter needs to work the body, thai clinch and knees or takedown.

Sounds like the game is working.

TRGMatt1669d ago

Yup...I think the problem here, though, is accessibility. If EA wants to appeal to more than just the hardcore UFC fan (read: JUST BLEED! guy) then that type of realism could be a problem for some people's enjoyment. This writer, for example, seems turned off by it.

jetlian1669d ago

Lol he doesnt know how to play. Thinking the person throwing 100 punches should have an advantage over a person blocking. Look like swaying was in the Ap vs Ja video too

Thepro3181669d ago

I hate vocal minority people like this guy reason the devs make patches for dumb reasons

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