Aonuma: I Wanted Tecmo-Koei to Make a Zelda Game I Can't Make

Eiji Aonuma makes an interesting quote with reguard to Hyrule Warriors and the direction the game is taking with Team Ninja at the helm.

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Gamings_Last_Legend1643d ago

FINALLY... Nintendo is growing up. I'm actually pleasantly surprised to see the female villain of the game showing off some cleavage. I dont expect a sex scene like gow or witcher but at least they are trying something different.

animegamingnerd1643d ago

reading this comment is making me think your like 12 or 13 if you thinking showing cleavage means growing up

darkstar181643d ago

Because showing cleavge means its a game for real men right?? ROFL gtfo kid ;)

ChickeyCantor1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

I'm sorry, what?


(Twilight princess )

Kevlar0091643d ago

Not to mention Zero Suit Samus

BullyMangler1642d ago

nintendo is growing up ?

lol lol nintendo has had the most Adult exclusive content for years now, putting to shame anything sony microsoft < fact

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Edsword1643d ago

I am hoping that this game is more than just a Dynasty Warriors game with a Zelda facade. However, the more I hear about it the more I am coming to the realization that is all it is. At least Metroid Other M kept, for the most part, a Metroid game feel. It was a 2.5d Metroid game and would have been better in my opinion if the controls were not so limited. I was hoping this game would be a little more like Darksiders with more action, but retaining some of the Zelda formula. It appears what we really have here is a second class Zelda game. Second class Zelda games just have never been my thing, from Link's crossbow training to the abominations that came out on the CD-I, Zelda has never been handled properly outside of the first string Nintendo teams.

randomass1711642d ago

I honestly think it looks more like a Zelda game with Warriors combat. I don't think you need to worry too much.

coltlokk1642d ago

It's not supposed to be a Zelda game wtih Warriors combat...It's a Warriors game with hints of Zelda all over the place (Z-targetting, characters, maps)

Aonuma said himself to add more Warrior elements in it so that it would be a Zelda game he couldn't make!

XiSasukeUchiha1642d ago

Nintendo+Tecmo= Domination !

swice1642d ago

Evil bouncing titties and the Master Sword.
Sound like a good day to me