PS4 PlayStation Now Beta’s Sleek UI and Games Menu Leaked on Video

The PlayStation Now private beta for PS4 has finally begun, and it surely didn’t take long for it to end up on video.

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reko1607d ago

awesome,cant wait for more news!

Mikey322301607d ago

Loading into the App is much much faster. Launching into a game is also faster than PS3.

Id say PS Now on the PS4 is very very usable. Where as on the PS3 im not sure i would ever use it because its just too slow. My PS3 in generall feels way to slow anymore when compared to my PS4. Especially if they continue to improve on speed and stability, and put out a huge library of games.. Sony should hit a gold mine. This *should* become the netflix of gaming.

I'm digging this :D fantastic job sony.

**EXTRA** Something really interesting/ weird. If you press the PS Button you can access the XMB Menu... Yes your PS3 XMB Menu on the PS4.(its only a partial XMB) but it has your PS3 Friends list and messages. For example i recently accepted a friend invite on my PS4, but since Messages and invites done sync up between Ps3 and PS4 when im using PS Now and access the XMB i can accept that friend invite on my PS3 now. Very weird stuff

fenome1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

I'm running it wireless right now and it's smooth as butter, haven't had any of the random cutoffs or odd glitch like ps3 version. That's the thing about betas though, they're meant to improve a product :p

I noticed that about the XMB too. Plus whatever game you play on it shows up on the main PS4 menu so you can go into it instantly without loading the beta app first, I thought that was cool.

ITPython1606d ago

I got the code for PS4 PS Now earlier today and will download it soon. Never did get around to trying it on my PS3 though, but will attempt to use it on my PS4 with my slow connection to see if it even works.

reko1606d ago

how was it? was it ok? thanks.

troylazlow1606d ago

How do Multi player games run?

JediDiah1607d ago

Did the lack of YouTube app AND Netflix Dolby Digital fixed?

MasterCornholio1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

I dont use Netflix but I fixed my Youtube problem with Chromecast which works great.

P.S Dang communists banned Netflix in Spain to protect one of their company's. So jealous that France and Germany have access to it.

SuperBlunt1607d ago

Played overlord on a wired connection. 1 second delay in control inputs

arkard1607d ago

Thats fine with me, ill be using now to experience single player games that I didnt get a chance to play while I had PS3

jjonez181607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

It's not half bad in multiplayer either :)

Also I don't get anywhere near a 1 second delay. In fact it's barely noticeable. (wired)

Conzul1606d ago

Same for me, and about half second delay in Riptide. Totally unacceptable for a fibre optic connection. Hope PS4 will be better.

SuperBlunt1606d ago

its a beta so this is to be known and expected. holy crap i feel like georgenoob with those disagrees

colonel1791607d ago

I would like it much better if the first page was like Cover Flow from iTunes. Then when clicking All Games, you get the same thing, but with box art, instead of just an image.

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The story is too old to be commented.