Report: Grand Theft Auto: City Stories “Coming Soon” to PS Vita, Box Art Leaked

According to various reports seen around the web, Take Two filed a trademark for the term “City Stories”, seemingly referring to the subtitle found in the two Grand Theft Auto PSP games, respectively entitled Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


After closer examination, an N4G user has revealed that the images in this post are fake, though it's still possible that this remastered compilation of games will still make its way to the PlayStation Vita at some point. Such an announcement would likely be made at E3, which takes place early next month. Until then, keep checking back to B-TEN for further updates.

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MrSwankSinatra1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Listen as much as i love those games, can we get new games please?? We just got ports of borderlands 2, god of war and recently ratchet and clank collection has been rated by the ESRB for vita (which adds to the port pile) & now GTA ports of Liberty City/Vice City stories. This is not what i expected when i bought a vita.

danny8181671d ago ShowReplies(1)
Tyrus_911671d ago

I think the article is referring to Take-Two filing for the 'City Stories' trademark. The news doesn't necessarily refer to an update of the two previous PSP games, so it could be a new title or just a proactive renewal.

If it IS a port update of Liberty and Vice City stories for Vita, though... that'd suck.

theshonen88991671d ago

I'm tired of this. Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops and PO+ sold almost 2 million. Chains of Olympus sold 3 million, Crisis Core 3 million.

What do we get despite this? Metal Gear HD, God of War collection, FF-X HD.

This is absolutely ridiculous. All these developers release a port in order to "test" sales on the Vita and lo' and behold, they get dismal results. What the hell were they expecting? Liberty City Stories sold 7 MILLION COPIES on the PSP and drove the PSP's sales. If Rockstar made a new game just for the Vita, surely it would surpass the 1m mark Assassin's Creed Liberation got.

Mr_Writer851671d ago

Yeah but the PSP sold like 10 times what the Vita has sold.

Until that install base gets bigger, and until the games start selling why would a developer spend time and money on a new IP/ new spin off just for it to sell 30k units?

Mr Pumblechook1671d ago

@theshonen8899 You hit the nail on the head. Ports won't do it because most Vita owners will have access to the superior home console version, and if you have a PS4 then via Remote Play you can play the superior home console version.

What Vita needs is unique games, perhaps in the same universe as bigger titles. Eg AC Liberation with Aveline sold nearly 1 million. An inFamous game or Watch Dog game with different characters could also do well. Hopefully this rumoured GTA game is exactly that. New characters and adventures.

masa20091671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Unfortunately, look at the numbers.
Other than Uncharted, Assassin's Creed and Call of Duty, all blockbuster franchises of the highest order, nothing sold really well on the Vita.

And about the only other titles whose sales were barely acceptable were Japan-centric games like God Eater 2 or Soul Sacrifice, which owe a large chunk of their sales to that market.

That's simply not a very encouraging climate for publishers to invest in AAA Western-style games on the Vita.

Ubi probably only did AC3L because they had prexisting assets, used their cheapo Bulgarian studio, and knew they could eventually port the game to consoles.

Massacred1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Noted from the cite:

"Professional Photo Shopper here to tell you guys, sorry, but this is fake.

A quick Google search shows us that same picture comes up and is directly from Rockstar's Website. (

The Rockstar logo in the bottom right hand corner, comes from a quick Google Image Search and is the second image. (Note that whoever made this did forgot to take out small (R) in the bottom right hand corner which is not present in Rockstar Covers)

The "Rating Pending" Logo is also quite easy to find. Again the first Google image result for "Rating Pending" comes up with this. (note that the RP logo is far more compressed and thus becomes blurrier as it has been resized compared with the rest of the image)

The Box itself comes from, again, a quick Google Image Search. Any art could be used have been used. (I just picked Ninja Gaiden as it was among the top results for "PS Vita Game Box") One would simply need to draw a black box over the existing image. (Additionally, please note how much more consistent the Ninja Gaiden promotional box art is compared to this)

On the top Right hand corner we see the [NTSC V/C] Logo which does not exist on promotional art for video games. Only after games pass certification do they receive this. Moreover, PlayStation Vita games do not receive the logo designation in that place.

What gives this away almost immediately, is the fact that the image is not just blurry, but inconsistent. Particularly the two logos at the bottom, both of which have been clearly re-sized to fit this fake. While the center image remains at a sharper resolution.

The twitter image is much sharper in the original IGN posting, but never the less quite easy to recreate. The background and user picture are copied directly from the official Rockstar's verified twitter account and one must simply make a fake twitter handle where one or two of the letters in handle are different than Rockstar's current account handle. They were then Photoshopped back in. The user then simply created a fake tweet and took a photo from their cell phone or camera, uploaded it and posted it on IGN as well as the artwork they created from a separate account.

Lastly I would like to point out the flaw in this research. I am not sure how you came by this information, but the originator of these pictures is two guest accounts off the website Presumably the same person has created two accounts. The first of which happens to be the only person who noticed this posting out of the 2,700,000+ followers of Rockstar games Twitter account. Seems likely, right?

The "second user," cites a non existing page on Reddit as the source of the information and claims to have, again been the only one to see it. I ask you, which is more likely that two separate people posting within minutes of each other happened to be the ONLY TWO people to find this, or that they are the same person with a Photoshopped fake? Even without analytical knowledge of how Photoshop works or creation of promotional art, the likelihood of this being fake is almost certain.

Please update this site as well as your N4G article accordingly as this is simply encouraging other users to do the same in the future. - Jibbex"

theshonen88991666d ago

@masa2009 You kinda missed the point of my argument which was that developers should have been on board with Vita from the beginning. If the PSP was shunned the way the Vita was, it would have sold just as badly. Instead, the PSP had great support from great games like Grand Theft Auto or, ironically, Sony's very own God of War. The Vita needed games that would sell by the millions the launch into a great start, and it didn't get those because of publisher's wanton fear of the Vita's sales. The fact that the Vita failed so miserably is more of a self-fulfilling prophecy on the publisher's parts than a statement of the Vita's quality.

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Massacred1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Weak guys.

Whelp another E3 reveal ruined. Hopefully no official confirmation until Sony's E3.

danny8181671d ago

Also can't you download this title as a psp game on vita?

NukaCola1671d ago

Yeah. I have LibCityStrs on Vita for free from ps+ and honestly it's terrible

Jonny5isalive1671d ago

damn man, this isnt that bad. But really, id much rather have the ports of san andreas that mobile got verses these old psp games.

sinncross1671d ago

On one hand, I am not going to complain that this will come to the PSV. It needs software and any form (as long as the games are good) is welcomed. But I agree with the sentiments being posted... we need new games.

I really hope Rockstar made San Andreas Stories, and I would actually like a port of Episodes of Liberty City to keep the Sony handheld GTA spinoffs going.

Hopefully this is just the start of Rockstar support... if you are bringing these, may as put the 3 PS2 games onto the PSV too.

But yeah... new stuff too please.

-Foxtrot1671d ago

I'm surprised they didn't do them for IOS like GTAIII and Vice City. I mean the 10th anniversary of those games and what do we get remastered editions...only for iPod/iPads, a massive slap to the face especially for the 10th anniversary.

Anyway this is great for PSV owners if true.

I do hope though Sony didn't blow their Rockstar deal on know the one where Rockstar still owe them something since they funded L.A Noires development and it went multiplatform, not to mention AGENT has still not came out.

ColeMacGrath1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Do you know how much they owe Sony? And how do you know that they still haven't paid their debts yet?

zero_gamer1671d ago

Companies going overboard with these collections on the Vita. Not going to buy least not new.

Mr_Writer851671d ago

You and many others, and that's fine, that's your choice.

But it's one (of many) reasons why Vita owners won't get new games.

HappyWithOneBubble1671d ago

The thing is Sony can't get devs to make games for Vita. Even Sony 1st party is focus more on PS4. Porting games to Vita is more cheaper. Maybe Sony should start small studios dedicated to making Vita games.

randomass1711671d ago

@MrSwankSinatra You are speaking my mind. Vita deserves its own exclusive content. Enough with the ports.

zpoc1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

they'd lost money developing a new game for vita. ports of AAA games like this is the best we can expect.

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snookiegamer1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

This can't be true??

I don't even own a Vita, but R* have gone down in my estimations.

They couldn't even do a remake of San Andreas for Vita???

Wow! Kinda sucky if factual ;(

ZeroChaos1671d ago

While I am really happy to see City Stories (which were excellent games) I hop the GTA 3 HD Collection is following it shortly :D

KingA1671d ago

That is the most fake looking box art I have ever seen.

MrBeatdown1671d ago

I'm amazed this is even a story.

The freakin' box doesn't even say Grand Theft Auto on it.

HollywoodLA1671d ago

The article doesn't even work.

CurrentDigital1671d ago

It did work, but our servers crashed. We're working on getting things back to normal momentarily.

HollywoodLA1671d ago

Isn't it a bit transparent - submitting your own stories on N4G, in order to garner hits?

I'm not necessarily against it - I'm just stating the obvious.

snookiegamer1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )


You submit your own articles for hits if you want to. Same for Abriael (Dualshockers). Gamers should be more supportive and quit hating on progress.

Some people seem to like others to fail instead of succeed....just stating the obvious!

Do your thing, ignore the naysayers, and keep up the good work!

FlameHawk1671d ago

@HollywoodLA, wow you must be joking, literally everyone that submits on N4G are people who wrote the article themselves, all of them are looking for hits.