Wolfenstein: The New Order Takes Advantage of The PS Vita Second Screen Feature

While remote play between the PS4 and PS Vita is practically a standard console feature, the PS Vita also has the ability to act as a second screen, something that only a few PS4 titles uses. Wolfenstein happens to be one of those titles.

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Tempest3171638d ago

That's fucking cool. Love the homage to the original! Now I wish I'd gotten on ps4 instead of x1 :( lol...Still great game though

HugoDrax1638d ago

You know Dead Rising 3, Plants vs Zombies garden Warfare, TitanFall, RYSE, all have second screen AKA Smartglass/Companion app features for the Xbox One right? I haven't played Wolfenstein yet on Xbox One, but more than likely the same feature is available for the Xbox One.

Essentially, all it does is allow you to view the HUD/Map, which is one of the Smartglass features for Dead Rising 3.

Tempest3171638d ago

Yes I did know that...however I prefer the vita over my phone as a second screen device. And since most ps4 games only use vita for remote play, I would have preferred to get one of the few games that supports it on ps4 so I can actually use it. And im well aware of the functionality of the second screen features for dead rising...however they dont put a big sprite of B.Js head from the original wolfenstein huge in the center of the screen. Its the small touches that really make the game stand out, not that "all it does" is be a hud/mini map.

HugoDrax1638d ago


Well you use your phone, I use my iPad. I prefer it's screen size over my iPhone when using smartglass features. I also have a Crystal White Vita 1000, and I've yet to use any second screen features besides remote play (Second Son, Stick It To the man, Trials Fusion)

Anyhow, everyone has preferences :-). I'm not sure when I'll purchase Wolfenstein, although I've completed the (PC, Atari Jaguar, Xbox,) versions of Wolfenstein. I'm only about 40% the way through of the xbox 360 game, but I still have it in my back catalog to finish eventually.

Tempest3171637d ago


I don't have a tablet, so my phone is it :/ I'm in the same boat, my vita gets used for remote play, never 2nd screen. And just to let you know, Wolfenstein actually doesn't have a smartglass feature :( pretty disappointing. The game is still a lot of fun though, it definitely has an old school feel to it and I like that. It's been too long since I was able to kill some nazis :)

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hot4play1638d ago

Cool! Nice to see developers like MachineGames implement Vita second screen features.

Hope other developers follow suit, especially Sony first-party studios.

Are there any first-party games released already that use the Vita second screen feature?

hot4play1638d ago

It would have been nice to see this feature implemented in Infamous Second Son! (instead of pausing the game and checking out the map/upgrade screen)

A Vita second screen feature would be more intuitive. Could you patch-in this feature Sucker Punch? Maybe I should go tweet them :p #vitasecondscreen

zoks3101638d ago

Thats pretty cool,
need to check it out the next time i play. surprised they did not mention this feature.

MasterCornholio1638d ago

I have to try this out when I get the game. Really cool that the developers included this feature though. The only other game that I played with a feature like this was Guacamelee.