Hyrule Warriors Character Profiles

Here is the translated text of the character profiles from the official Hyrule Warriors website, contains spoilers.

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XiSasukeUchiha1663d ago

Hyrule Warriors is going to be fun :)

rextraordinaire1663d ago

No scandal about the over sexualization of Shia? In a Nintendo game? For all the family?
I mean that's not even cleavage anymore, that's SoulCalibur's Ivy material riiiiight there.


NintySonySoft1663d ago

I'd love for Nintendo to move out of their shell abit go for some of us Mature audience! :D don't mind me i still love me some Mario kart/smashbros!

rextraordinaire1663d ago

They tried with Mad World! I loved it actually.


And I like Shia's character design. I'm just surprised I haven't seen any complaint yet! ;)

Dehnus1663d ago

More skin does not equal more "mature". It can actually be less mature. Not that I'm a prude mind you, I think sex and jokes about it won't harm a child, I just don't think it makes things more mature either.

For instance the jokes in W101, I don't understand why everybody is so up and arms about them, the "WON'T SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!" Hellen Loveloys really need to stop worrying so much. I don't think there is a child alive that is that "scarred" by them.

Kennytaur1663d ago

There's a thread on Neogaf basically dedicated to the boob-discussion.

I don't mind it too much myself (it's nothing we haven't seen before, it's just that it is a Nintendo game), I'm more interested in seeing her face than the breasts, but they're rather oversized. I love the classic Japanese witch-mask she's donning though. My main concern is that now, no matter how good a character she is or whatever, she'll only be spoken of and remembered as "the boob lady".

The good thing though, is that Cia (her localised name) has got people talking about this game.

rextraordinaire1663d ago


GOOD. Because I was totally putting a mental "Labeouf" after her name, every time. It was too much weird to bear. lol

vakarian751663d ago

Its not too suprising after seeing Zero suit Samus in the new Smash Brothers her are ginormous they might look bigger than they are becuse shes a bit short in that game for some reason though.

lilbroRx1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

This isn't a Nintendo game, its a Zelda themed Tecmo-Koei game. Though, people will always find something to attack Nintendo over I guess.

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mcnamee191663d ago

I'm definitely in the minority that like Nintendo's general image of being family-friendly, I think that helps them stand out from other companies, but it's inevitable that character designs would go this way.

Stating the obvious, but it's all about the money, and "sex sells", as we've heard probably hundreds of thousands of times. I think most kids had a Playstation back in the day, I know I did when I was a kid, and some games back then were sexualised, so there'll probably be minimal fuss made.

I also hope the game will be good :D

voodoochild3461663d ago

Nintendo aren't making this game. They just lent their characters to be used for the game.

vakarian751663d ago

Eiji Anouma gets the final say in what is and isnt put in the game so Nintendo is still very envolved.

vakarian751662d ago

If you would have read how the project came to be youwould see that Nintendo is doing more than just lending out the characters.

CloudyAero1663d ago

Alright.. Wow Shia though?
I don't want to be THAT Guy. But goodness haha

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