Upcoming Xbox One Games June 2014

Here is a quick look at some great games coming our way in June 2014.

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user14394141334d ago

This is the reason the XBone will never beat PS4.

IcicleTrepan1334d ago

Captain Irrelevant strikes again.

user14394141334d ago

Please stop being a fanboy IcicleTrepan all I see from you is comments bashing on the Playstation. You complain about BF4 on PS4 and PS Now lag. You may be able to trick some people on this site but I know you are a hired troll by Microsoft to come here and post negative things about Sony.

Elit3Nick1334d ago

@MrTehDiNGO funny that you're calling him a fanboy, yet here you are...

kickerz1334d ago

I'm loving my xb1. You guys fight over silly things. I guess things never change.

testerg351334d ago

Dingo, yet you're here on an xboxone article and the first post too. Who's the fanboy?

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osprey191334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

Look at the fanboys go! Cant u guys just enjoy games instead of spewing bile at each other? Nope, cos that would require u both to leave ur ridiculous hate for any other console that isn't yours behind.

shammgod1334d ago

Well said my friend. Not a good time to be buying an XBoner

incendy351334d ago

Very excited for Valiant Hearts, but beyond that it could be a slow month.

Skankinruby1334d ago

If history proves accurate this will resemble the excitement of their e3 announcements

RiPPn1334d ago

All multiplats, that exclusive drought is real.

TripC501334d ago

Games with gold happens next month too on XBOX One. I'm more excited about whatever free game is coming then.

Volkama1334d ago

Don't guess. It's Max: Curse of the Brotherhood and Halo: Spartan Assault.

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