Mario Kart 8's Release Reminds Me Why I Love Gaming

Rich Drummond of Gaming Tech United writes:

"A quick look at the video game community will show you a lot of unsavory things. Name calling, homophobic remarks and everything in between can be seen when seeing a few of your average fan boys debating the dominance of the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One. From the outside looking in, it looks like we never get along and are only on these sites to belittle each other."

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Gamings_Last_Legend1665d ago

I understand the emotion you are trying to convey in your video. That emotion will come when you see the upcoming greatest game of all time in Uncharted 4. When you see the graphics and gameplay, you will be in utter amazement.

Aside from that...

I cant take you seriously because you are trying to hype up a kart racing game that has had 7 sequels too many on a system that no one is buying, while you have a poster of Watch Downgrade behind you, while listening to goofy music. No offense, but you seem sorta.... well.... like "a guy who doesnt like girls"

animegamingnerd1665d ago

do you have anything better to do then troll nintendo articles? -______-

sloth33951665d ago

no they don't have anything better to do

3-4-51665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

He's gotta keep up his E-cred.

Can't wait for this game though.

Darkstares1665d ago

Way too many people on forums have nothing better to do, it's ridiculous. This game looks fun as hell but for others being a irritant to others gives them joy.

Then we have those who just want to talk about resolution, frame rates and how many copies something sold rather than enjoying the games.

Blackleg-sanji1665d ago

first zelda article now a mario kart one...get a life man

Locknuts1665d ago

Haha love the disagrees. Here, have one more...

ChickeyCantor1665d ago

"No offense, but you seem sorta.... well.... like "a guy who doesnt like girls"

As the gay guy that I am, I'm far more manly than you are. Your insecurity is showing.

randomass1711665d ago

Hehe, you tell 'em Chickey. :D

truechainz1665d ago

In a time where this gamer tries to embrace peace among the gaming community and just enjoying a game, you come and try to downplay this, and then put up ignorant homophobic insults that only display your own insecurity. I have seen you troll a few of these Nintendo articles and I really hope that you get educated or something or find some kind of peace because right now you truly represent the worst the gaming community has to offer.

randomass1711665d ago

I take it back. THIS was the worst N4G comment of all time.

thehobbyist1665d ago

Lol what a fail troll. You mean to tell me that Uncharted 4, which we've seen notihng of, is better than a game which will:
A) Sell better
B) Have longer staying power in the market. Since Mario Kart only needs one per console and not one every three years to sell.
Then you fail again because you lament the guy for "trying to hype up a game that has had 7 sequels too many" when you're trying to hype up Uncharted FOUR. Whose last game that needed to partner with SUBWAY and offer public beta access because they were worried about meeting sales expectations.
This is the worst fail troll I've seen in many years.

Venox20081664d ago

technically FIVE, since there is a Vita game as well :)

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danny8181665d ago

This isn't entirely true. If anything anything it gets hate because people say it's rehashed or it won't improve wiiu sales etc