Hear Mario Kart 8 Roar When You Watch Box Office Topper Godzilla in Theaters

Mario Kart 8 advertisements spotted before the start of Godzilla theater showings.

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mikel10151669d ago

Beautiful, they should keep doing this marketing for Super Smash Bros, X, Bayonetta 2, or actually just all their games

diepdiep1669d ago

The timing is just too perfect. I really hope all of this pays off immensely in the end.

wonderfulmonkeyman1669d ago

Wow, a box office advertisement?
That's pretty damned good compared to recently!

All that's left now is main-stream news networks reporting on the game's release and prime-time cable/satellite channels airing their commercials in the middle of big-hit shows like Game of Thrones, and Nintendo will have covered practically all of their advertisement bases!

lekain1669d ago

Game of Thrones is on HBO so it doesn't have commercials. Sorry I just had to point that out.

Skate-AK1669d ago

Bummer. They didn't show it when I saw the movie last week.

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