Presspauseradio's Quarter Circle Forward Review: DUX 1.5 Collector's Edition

"I always get weird looks when I say, “Man, I can't wait for the newest Dreamcast game to come out.” For a game system that's just about 15 years old, it's pretty amazing how much support and inherent popularity it still has. The one group that's developing and publishing more Dreamcast games than any other is HuCast, located in Hannover Germany and headed up by Rene Hellwig. Also encompassing the NG:Devteam brand, HuCast is responsible for the production of most – if not all – of the most relevant Dreamcast games that have been released so far since 2009. Most have even had limited editions that include exclusive boxart, art books and soundtrack CDs. Most recently, HuCast has released a new collector's edition for their flagship game, DUX. Well, in specific, DUX 1.5."


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