Why I Canceled My Subscription to ESO

Dawn digs deep and explains why she's given up on The Elder Scrolls Online.

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DLConspiracy1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Unfortunately I was not impressed with the Beta and yes I know it's a beta. Still doesn't change the reason I too feel about the game.

The looting was a huge killer of interest for me. Exploring is an enormous part of ES for me. There is always a sense of exploration with their games, to travel to unknown areas and find that one unique weapon really pushes what makes ES great for me. That feeling went out the window with ESO. Very very discouraging. Not to mention the treasure chests had a new unique way to lock pick. If you found one in the enviroment there was 5 people surrounding you and if you messed up lock picking you immediately lost your chance. I feel like the game would have been better had you just teamed up with a few people in a single player campaign. Co-op Skyrim if you will. The whole MMO thing isn't for all Skyrim/Elder Scroll fans.

Those few things really ruined my experience for me. If you LOVE Skyrim like I do. It's best to wait for the next installment than play ESO. Just my opinion too.

Spinal1641d ago

The game was just a cash grab on the success of Skyrim. Terrible MMO and deserves its death just like SWTOR cashing in on those that wanted KOTOR 3.

Hopefully now that SWTOR is dead we will get a real KOTOR 3. Just imagine Mass Effect but Star Wars.. Nice!

LeoDDestroyer1641d ago

You do know swtor is not dead.

kevnb1641d ago

Swtor is fun as a single player game with mmo features

thekhurg1641d ago

You are aware that SWTOR is more profitable now that it's free to play right? It's nowhere near dead, no matter how badly you want it to be.

thezeldadoth1641d ago

while i agree SWTOR sucks, it was much better than ESO. The devs should feel ashamed even releasing ESO

Volkama1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

As a fan of mmorpgs I hate seeing big budget games fail. As gamers we can see them as games that failed because they were bad. But the end result is an increased perception that the genre is too risky to invest in. Who will fund an MMORPG when the elder scrolls and even the LotR and Star Wars IPs are not strong enough to sell?

Sad thing is these games mostly fail because they try to minimise risks by sticking too close to the WoW formula.

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KrisButtar1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

I haven't even owned the PC version for 2 weeks yet and have also cancelled my sub. I was in a number of the betas and I still feel like I'm in the beta when playing but being told to pay for it.

The bots are out of control, they basically run the starter islands, you see them on the mainland as well but as a train of about 30 in a row. They drop outta the sky onto the lumber,ore,plant or even worst be running through the ground as you can only see the head.

Some people can get past the bots and say wait the can fix that and that is great but there are still a number of problems. The chat window is spammed with people plus gold spammers trying to sell stuff since there is no auction house.

Like the article said you start with an extremely low amount of space for items and even after buying more space after more space I still am throwing things away because I don't have room. Where is the infinite store chests from the single player games.

PvP as much fun as it is, it is not worth going into until you are level 50, so I'm not sure why the allow you to go in once you reach level 10. The solo dungeons there can not be done solo unless your a Vet rank. They also just increased the NPCs in PvP so all are now Vet rank 5, so a level 10 really doesn't stand a chance even with the boosted HP when they can still only use level 10 equipment and the NPCs are wearing Vet 5 rank equipment.

PvE feels like I'm running around in God mode and the areas hold you back until you have done quests in each hub to lead to the hub. Doesn't seem to be catching up in levels yet. I'm level 18 and just got to Stonefalls.

This list of problems go on to people spamming werewolf/vampire bits, combat, the sheer lack of gold drops, the bugged quests but I have to also speak in the games defense as they have done some things right just the bad out weighs the good by a large margin at this point.

deklore1641d ago

Althought I agree with the things you've said, man that was a tough read. You really need to improve your grammar and sentence structure, or at least proof read before you post.

InTheLab1641d ago

Your 4th comment on this site is petty and immature. Welcome to N4g :)

I had no issue understanding what was there. Some people type on cell phones, so making corrections can be difficult. Some speak English as a second language. Some simply realize this is a gaming site and not a peer reviewed academic paper.

His post got right to the point those points were clear enough to understand that the game has issues. You're post, on the other hand, is off topic and childish...

deklore1641d ago

@ InTheLab If you really want to do stats, I have been on this site longer than you, besides that whether its my 4th comment or 400th comment, I just stated the fact that I found his post difficult to read at times.

I did mention that I agreed with everything he said so your comments are incorrect saying it was off topic.

Stand down keyboard warrior, no offense intended :)

Jyndal1641d ago

Sounds like this game needed another year in testing & development before opening up beta.

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