Sunset Overdrive (New Gameplay/HUD)

Sunset TV: Exploring the Amp System!

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incendy351339d ago

Games looks more fun every time I see it!

jahcure1339d ago

anyone making predictions on sales numbers for this game?

4Sh0w1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

Nah, I'm just excited Insomniac is delivering what looks like an awesome game to add to my X1 collection.

hmmm I like the HUD, sort of wacky , which is fitting for this game, plus I love the idea of the amp system, its a very cool way to encourage gamers to keep moving and gain momentum which flows into badass combos. Next week they're going to show a bit of the character customization, guess that will be it until E3 where we get to see some full blown gameplay of other areas plus co-op details.

troylazlow1338d ago

20 million! Yes I firmly believe that every one will buy this game as well as two extra copies to fashion a pair of sunglasses out of the disks. And some guy named Carl will buy 52 copies to roll around with on his bed, because he is mentally ill.

Sonyslave31339d ago

This game remind me of Crackdown which is awesome.

troylazlow1338d ago

another game I hope to see at E3!

troylazlow1338d ago

I guess someone isn't happy with my anticipation of Crackdown 3

Dlacy13g1339d ago

I can't wait for this game. Just looks like so much fun which great to see. Insomniac back to its roots... crazy weapon fun!

HugoDrax1339d ago

Two things I liked in this preview.......

2) The fact that the explosion spelled out the word BOOM!!!

I thought those were nice touches :-), can't wait to see more on this title.

creatchee1339d ago

You forgot the host's jacket. I need that jacket. Not to ever wear it, mind you, but to occasionally look at it on a hanger in my closet and pat it lovingly while whispering: "someday..."

Volkama1338d ago

Nice touches seems to be a theme for this game. The comedy respawning and silly weapon effects and such.

Hopefully it has a good solid core, so those nice touches can count for something :)

lifeisgamesok1339d ago

Take my $60 already :)

This game looks awesome

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The story is too old to be commented.