Madden NFL 15 Cover Vote Reaches Semi-Finals, Only Four Players Remain

Hardcore Gamer: The Madden NFL 15 Cover Vote has reached the semi-finals and only four players remain.

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ValKilmer1607d ago

Well, I think I speak for everybody when I say go Andrew Luck.

robothouserock1606d ago

Not a lot of Colts fans on N4G it seems. I voted for Luck!

MasterofMagnetism1607d ago

I predict Sherman and Newton in the finals with Sherman winning.

MasterofMagnetism1606d ago

He may be a cocky and loud mouth SoB but he backs it up with his play. I don't even like the guy but I do agree with most that he is the best corner in the NFL. Even Peyton Manning was damn afraid to challenge him in the Super Bowl.

Giantbomb821607d ago

Their has never been a repeat NFC south champion. So Carolina will have a down year. Seattle is going to have a super bowl hang over. The Colts over achieved last year, they will suck this year, Kaepernick is a punk, and is due to get injured by the way he plays. 49ers will regress as well. The Madden cover curse looks like it will continue no matter who it is.

ValKilmer1607d ago

Do you think Alex Smith is a better QB than Kaepernick?

Jojo09031606d ago

No. Kaepernick will continue to get better. Last season was only his second year as a starter and his first full season starting. He is definitely more versatile and he has more weapons to choose from which means he will play better. Smith is a solid starter but kaepernick is a pro bowler.

MasterofMagnetism1606d ago

Newton will struggle with a those inexperienced reveivers but the defense will still be good.

Seattle will not have a Super Bowl hang over especially with that D.

No way the Colts will suck since they play in a VERY weak division and Luck should be better this year with Wayne back and Nicks.

49ers still have a great defense and run game and will battle Seattle for the division. Look for Kaep to improve on his pocket passing.