Bigger in 2020: Watch Dogs or Assassin's Creed?

As this generation rolls on, which of Ubisoft's franchises will sell the most? Will Assassin's Creed continue its domination or will Watch Dogs take the top spot?

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Martinineter1637d ago

Watch_Dogs is a very good new IP, and AC has been around for some time, maybe something new will indeed take over. Already waiting for WD 2

sander97021636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

I think WD will catch up but it won't be as known as AC

veegeeeffex1636d ago

It's obvious that Ubisoft is positioning Watch Dogs to be the company's new flagship franchise, making sure they have somehing else of equivalent value once Assassin's Creed's inevitable decline kicks in. In fact, it already happened - people were disappointed with AC3 and AC4 suffered for it.

I expect Ubisoft to be launching their shiny new megafranchise in 2020 to take over from Watch Dogs, actually...

elhebbo161636d ago

played both, AC4 blows WD out the water graphically and gameplay wise.

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