The Daily Five: Best Final Fantasy Protagonist Casts

"This is a difficult list to compile because each cast is so unique that everyone is going to feel differently about each one. We should point out that our decisions are not based on the influence the game had on the genre and/or industry, and whether or not it’s considered a successful title through sales or rating. Our choices are made purely due to how likable, relateable, and fun the cast of characters are.

So, let’s dig in and count down our five favorite Final Fantasy casts of all-time." - David Wales

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nope1111663d ago

...... X and XIII had the worst cast.... ugh. X especially, with its awful MC.

Ghost_Nappa1663d ago

1. Rydia
2. Cid
3. Faris
4. The turtle guy from ffv
5. Edward ff6

DiscoKid1663d ago

Didn't read. Casts, not individual characters.