MotoGP '14 Slo-Mo Sunshine PC & PS4 Exclusive Replay Gameplay borders on photorealistic

VVV: "Milestone's specialist racing titles often get criticised for having subpar visuals. With MotoGP '14 however, it's fair to say they've upped their game considerably. And we've got some exclusive gameplay footage to prove it.

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younglj011639d ago

Okay that was an nice video....

jhoward5851639d ago

Looks impressive. But I'd rather have game play footage instead.

StartWars1639d ago

It's lifted from the in-game replays, but raw gameplay videos will follow soon. Strange they haven't released any official videos yet considering it's less than a month away now.

Give_me_head_strong1639d ago

The flickering edges of the shadows ruins the realism factor. MEH.

Jeebus1639d ago

If they had some smoother animation blending it would look even closer. Looks great so far, but the vid is 5 minutes of pretty much the same thing.

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