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Submitted by Surfman 2811d ago | review

Playfrance Reviews: Metal Gear Solid 4

French gaming website PlayFrance reviews Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Hit the jump for the review. (Culture, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3) 9.5/10

LenHart  +   2811d ago
AWESOME same score as GTA4
keep them rolling

JUNE 12th == FTW

GTA4 got the same score as MGS4 from PLAYFRANCE
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Varsarus  +   2811d ago
Eurogamer are one of the biggest tossers I've ever seen.

MGS4, 8/10 my arse.
LenHart  +   2811d ago
well what do u expect
from eurogamer,gamespot and 1up

those websites will be giving PS3 games bad scores --no other way round
OOG  +   2811d ago
u should look at most of the big titles eurogamer reviews for either system....they are usually low like 8s....its not just cuz its ps3
ISA_Scum  +   2811d ago
Eurogamer, 1up and Gamespot always hate on PS3. No reason to listen to them. Gamespot lost 60% of their traffic for being biased and 1up is banned by many distributors to do pre-release (aka don't get a review copy). That's cause they both suck and are biased X-Bot sites.
LenHart  +   2811d ago
eurogamer gave halo3 a 10/10 . same goes to bioshock

they gave Gears an 8/10 cuz it doesnt deserve that score

On the other hand they gave the best game of 2008 --MGS4 an 8/10

Resistance got 6/10 from them and Gears got 8/10?
Surfman  +   2811d ago
I see that coming
gametrailers comparison

Related image(s)
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Jamie Foxx  +   2811d ago
it seems the more reviews that come through, the more you have totally been unmasked as a bias & worthless site im afraid,this was one step to far you have been finally busted!
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Surfman  +   2811d ago
I guess Eurogamer have'nt played it till the end. Giving MSG4 a score of 8, Eurogamer have shot themself in a foot. What a pity.
butterfinger  +   2811d ago
just wants hits by delivering lower than normal review scores. They also gave Ninja Gaiden II a 7/10. They're just lame. The best thing you can do is not ever visit their site or anything related to them.
jackdoe  +   2811d ago
IMO, Eurogamer was off the mark with MGS4, Halo 1, and GeoW, each of which they gave an 8.0 to. I was personally surprised when they gave GTAIV a 10/10, something I thought they would never do after reading all those harsh as hell reviews.
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zapass  +   2811d ago
gameTraitor pic: LOL!
glad everyone now agrees eurogamer == foxnews

soon, the gaming news media will whine about its pathetic decline and we will all know exactly why it happened.

PStriple703  +   2811d ago
another great score
PirateThom  +   2811d ago
I wouldn't worry about Eurogamer, they gave MGS3 and Gears of War 8s as well.
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CRIMS0N_W0LF  +   2811d ago
Please note all the following reviews are out of 10

UK Official Playstation Mag - 10
PSM -10
US Official Playstation Mag -10
PSM Italy - 10
Chief (Belgium) - 9.7
Hobby Consolas - 9.6
Dutch OPM - 9.6
IGN UK - 9.9
Gamemaster - 9.7
PSM (Portugese) 9.4
Meristation - 10
GamePro - 10
Chief Belguim - 9.7
Level #26 - 10
Eurogamer - 8
Juexvideo - 9
PSM3 UK - 9.5
PlayFrance - 9.5

Current Average 9.6/10
JOLLY1  +   2811d ago
Hey crimson
Why do you keep spamming this information in every mgs thread?
Alcohog  +   2811d ago
Timesplitter14  +   2811d ago
Well personally, I have nothing against these posts. It keeps us informed of MGS4's score. I'd leave it alone
Boldy  +   2811d ago
Oh what the biggest piece of hypocritical crap this is.
this French review of MGS 4 gets taken down with a bunch of reports of Fake, and the fact that it's a French google translation (yeah it had a bad description and I reported it for that, but it's easily fixable). My guess was so many people reported it because they gave MGS 4 a low score (3.5/5).

Now all of a sudden this FRENCH GAMING GOOGLE TRANSLATION site comes out with a 9.5/10 and all of a sudden its "Oh what a great score, we'll approve this one." Oh and what's this? Not a single report on this review? Gee I wonder why that is? This is the biggest load of s*#t ever, and I can't believe that n4g has stooped to this level. I had to PM a mod to help take care of the barrage of frivolous reports on the other story.

Hey Crimson ^^^^^ you reported the other French review, but why not this one?
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Surfman  +   2811d ago
because they never played MGS4. That's why. They lied on all sides.
JOLLY1  +   2811d ago
That was a long list of reports! How do you know they didn't play it?
Spinner  +   2811d ago
Maybe because their complaints were "loads of bugs" which is why the review scores was low ... yet they didn't play the final version of the game.

It even says on their site "This review is for fans only" or somecrap
Destructor  +   2811d ago
the reviews from unknown sites keep coming and the pathetic crimsom wolf keeps adding those to his fantastic average score.

JOLLY1  +   2811d ago
The thing I don't understand...
So I read the review and I don't see a 95 out of 100 anywhere. I saw a 3.5 out of 5 stars. Can someone help me on this?
jackdoe  +   2811d ago
Look to the right. It is in plain site in green. Hard to miss.
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Boldy  +   2811d ago
You were looking at the wrong link. You were looking at the link that I gave a few comments above. This website gave it a 9.5/10.
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JOLLY1  +   2811d ago
Oh carp!
I am totally sorry!! I wasn't trying to flame, just a confused little woodchuck.
belal  +   2811d ago
EUROGAMER is now officiallt gone from my own personal gamestat ;) so for now the stat is like 100% ign uk 10 and ps3 mag 10. thats what counts.
bioshock  +   2811d ago
i dont care about eurogamer
as along as we gamers are happy with kojimas work becoz this will ignite others to buy PS3 and experience this magical game...i cant wait no more to show ma 360 manic friends, the power of PS3.....they got uncharted,and R.n.C in mind but this will definatly cause them to jump in.....
pp  +   2811d ago
I thought this over hyped game was suppose to get 10/10
Ali_The_Brit  +   2811d ago
it aleady has, trust me no game gets JUST 10/10. not even GoW2 you deluded little sh!t

and overhyped? your hardly one to talk about over hyper *cough*halo3*cough*

this game is not over hyped at all.
pwnsause  +   2811d ago
PR0NE  +   2811d ago
lmao @pp, he finally changed his avatar admitting that ninja gaiden 2 flopped
Avto  +   2811d ago
What I want to know is why does some of the reviews give graphics not the highest of scores, I mean COD4 looks nothing like this and all of em were wow! The detail in this game is mind-blowing and the only game I know with this much attention to detail was MGS3 on PS3 oh and GOW2 is good but other than that, no one pays this much attention to detail. I can't remember a single game in this gen to achieve detail with polygons rather than textures or shaders oh wait I can GT5P but that's all so what's up with graphics 8?
Crazyglues  +   2811d ago
yeah Graphics just can't be an 8 I find that hard to believe...
but I guess we will see. I mean from what I seen I would say it's a 9 at the least, but that's just going off the footage we saw in trailers.

So it's hard to say really based off of that.. but it still got a 9.5 so the game is good. No question about that.. The rest I guess we will see soon.. enough (but I seriously doubt they will be an 8)

Speaking of that check out this -
Gonna try to give away a PS3 limited for $10 bucks.

Leave Feedback here in the forum -
Crazyglues  +   2811d ago
Why do people keep thinking the game will be bad
Has there ever really been a bad MGS... I mean there might be things you didn't like too much

but none of them have ever been bad.. come on' of course this will be a good game, I don't think they would do a bad MGS4.

It's just too big a franchise.. and you have the main team so, of course it's going to be good. So these Reviews don't surprise me...

Speaking of that check out this -
Gonna try to give away a PS3 limited for $10 bucks.

Leave Feedback here in the forum -
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Gameinformer   2811d ago | Spam
Bubble Buddy  +   2811d ago
Reviews are not as accurate as they used to be. I remember Rainbow Six Vegas for ps3 getting higher graphics then Resistance: Fall of Man. MGS4 graphics I'm pretty sure, is better than CoD4 or Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, but yet, gets low scores. It seems like reviewers are never satisfied with the ps3's graphical power and has HIGH expectations with each great exclusive game coming out for PS3.

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