No Wii U or 3DS Games from Ubisoft at E3 2014


Ubisoft's E3 2014 lineup won't feature any Nintendo games, according to the publisher.

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Gamings_Last_Legend1607d ago

Because Nintendo is about to file chapter 11... That's what. How can anyone be surprised by this?

paleselan1607d ago

Nintendo has 10+ billion in the bank. What are you talking about?

LOL_WUT1607d ago

10 billion in the bank yet where still getting the same franchises over and over again. It wouldn't hurt to mix it up a bit or invest in some new IP's. How about buying proper 3rd party support? Nintendo needs to put that money to good use instead of this whole QOL junk that for all we know won't be gaming related. ;)

randomass1711607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

Regurgitating the same stuff, over and over eh? Hey guys, remember Hyrule Warriors on the NES and its sequel installments leading up to Wii U? Cuz I sure don't. Hey LOL_WUT, I know you like spreading lies and misinformation about Nintendo, but you could try to be a little more subtle about it.

edit: Also why are you judging the QOL business model? You don't know anything about it other than it is health related. Jeez, talk about needy.

mrbojingles1607d ago

Oh really? Chapter 11 you say?

Also, I imagine Ubisoft isn't referring to unannounced games like Just Dance 2015 which I imagine will come to Wii U. If any new Rayman is in the works Wii U would be the number one platform since Legends sold best on it too and they wouldn't talk about it before E3 if so.

Highlife1607d ago

I agree with lol wut. And randomass Hyrule looks like ass. I have a WiiU and the only game on the system I care about is Mario kart. Nothing else is even remotely interesting. Even if 3rd pairs brought games to the WiiU I would not buy them. Having other systems with more power and better online makes Nintendo only good for their franchises that they run out year after year. Nintendo tried to be different and bombed. The have the game pad to be different and don't even use it.

yeahright21607d ago

@ random;
Pretty sure he most would consider hyrule warriors as a "Zelda game". And I think that was more what wut was referring to. Like, super mario bros, smash bros, Mario kart, Mario golf, luigi's mansion etc, those would all fall under "Mario games" for most of us.
We all love Nintendo, but when I see people essentially saying "stay the course, everyone else will come around to how we think eventually", they're effectively helping to condemn wii u.
I love my wii u, but of all the mascot franchises, I only own 1. The rest are games like monster hunter, wonderful 101, bayonetta 2, assassin's creed 3 ad so on. I know Nintendo fans tend to hate this line , but the mascot titles appeal mainly to kids. Apart from them, avid Nintendo fans and hardcore gamers tht own every system they can, Nintendo isn't getting much support, and sadly, that's not a big enough umbrella. The casuals left after wii and the gamepad is seen as a gimmick. To me, Nintendo has proven they're the best at innovation, but said innovation is being strangled by the donkey kongs and Zelda's of the roster.

DOMination-1607d ago

In the last 12 months they spent half of that 10 bilion on.. well actually what the hell HAVE they spent it on???

LAWSON721607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

"yet where still getting the same franchises over and over again"

Sure we are and Pikman 3, Lego City Undercover, Bayonetta 2, Wonderful 101, X, Hyrule Warriors, Fatal Frame

Also do you expect Nintendo to not make MK, a Mario platformer, Zelda, and SSB for new consoles? BTW MK and SSB only happen once each gen, it is pretty much tradition and people buy the system expecting these games. It would be like buying a PS4/Xbone and not getting series like Halo and GoW.

ChickeyCantor1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

". It wouldn't hurt to mix it up a bit or invest in some new IP's"

They have. But obviously you pretend they don't exist. Or : "Not my type of games".

And yet you're also one of the twofaced trolls here who praises their "rehashed" games that get a great score.

Stop stealing oxygen please.

" instead of this whole QOL junk that for all we know won't be gaming related. ;)"

Damn you Microsoft for windows! Damn you Sony for your electronics. Damn you all to hell.

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NintendoSonyfan1607d ago

@lol wut
Do you not know Nintendo has over 100 IPs in it's stable? Have you not heard about their new ventures to license these out to third parties? Is Sony's music or Movie departments any more gaming related than QOL (which will be integrated into games by all accounts from Nintendo)?

NintendoSonyfan1606d ago

How can people disagree with what I said when it is fact? I mean I have met stupid people but this is a whole new level.

choujij1607d ago

Looks like they're giving Nintendo the UbiShaft this year.

SpiralTear1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

At least Ubisoft tried to support the Wii U, unlike EA or WB Games, who released neutered ports of three-year-old games. While I'm disappointed by this news, I can't really blame them. Ubisoft gave the system a chance. At one point, they were supporting it more than Nintendo themselves were.

More people should've bought ZombiU. It was amazing.

weekev151607d ago

Cant argue with any of that. Well said.

Ol_G1607d ago

Not really delayed and gimped games doesn't count as good support in my book

youndamie1606d ago

Yea they got shafted by Ubihard lol

nevin11607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

Didn't expect that.

stragomccloud1607d ago

I guess they really don't want Watchdogs to sell. You'd think they'd at least release one screenshot.

And they're surprised why the Wii U versions of their games don't sell. Sad fact of the matter is that most gamers do not even know Wii U versions of a number of titles even exist. Or due to lack of advertisement, have no idea why the Wii U version provides a better experience compared to other versions of said games.

Lenns1607d ago

No one was going to buy it on the Wii U anyways

ChickeyCantor1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

How does that help the company investing in the development anyways?

What backward logic is this?

"Let's use some of our budget to make a game, but lets make sure we don't want to sell it. Meanwhile having payed for licensing costs and what not " - Wut?

Most economical thing to do is NOT develop it for the WiiU in the first place.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

"I guess they don't really want Watchdogs to sell."

Uh you do realize that game is gonna sell like hotcakes on PS4/XB1/PC right ?

"And they're surprised why the Wii U versions of their games don't sell"

Uh that goes for every 3rd party game on the Wii U, not just Ubisofts games. No one is buying a Wii U for 3rd party games.

wonderfulmonkeyman1607d ago

Rayman Legends and The Wonderful 101, which both have great attach rates, disagree.

M3TR01DFANBOY1607d ago

@wonderfulmonkeyman, wonderful 101 is a 1st party game

mrbojingles1607d ago


1. Is your user name a reference to the song "Monkey Man" by The Specials?

2. Wonderful 101 is not a third party game and it by no means (as much as I loved it) as a good attach rate. Its sold like 70k globally. There's no way Nintendo, Platinum or anyone made any money off it, just to be accurate.

weekev151607d ago

When did Nintendo buy platinum? Wonderful 101 is third party, it aint multiplat but its third party.

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DualWielding1607d ago

the problem is 'better experience' is subjective..... Wii U versions look the same or worst than 360/PS3 so its hard to market them through screen shots and stuff, they also normally have frame rate issues..... the upside is that they have stuff like managing inventories and maps through the second screen and some feature of-screen play but Nintendo clearly overestimated the appeal of those features as most people don't seem to care about them enough to buy a console just for that

Clown_Syndr0me1607d ago

I wonder if anyone besides Nintendo themselves will bother with the Wii U this year? I dont really follow Nintendo news so have no idea.
The guy above me (stragomccloud) makes a good point. Sometimes browsing in store I notice games on Wii U I didnt even know were on it. Most the time I dont even notice the Wii U displays though, theyre always tiny.

LOL_WUT1607d ago

I mean no Far Cry 4, Witcher 3, The Division, Watchdogs, Sniper elite 3, Wolfenstein I mean the list can go on and on... Nintendo brought this upon themselfs so it's not surprising that Ubisoft has given up on the WiiU ;)

wonderfulmonkeyman1607d ago

No, THIRD PARTIES brought it upon themselves by going with gimped ports instead of tons of unique new exclusives that would have attracted more attention than games we've already played last gen.

randomass1711607d ago

With how Sniper Elite 2 was handled, you even WANT a Sniper Elite 3 on Wii U?

Highlife1607d ago

Nintendo did bring it upon themselves. They got lazy. The wii was the worst thing to happen to Nintendo.

Nintendo fans are so blind.

iamnsuperman1607d ago


Don't just blame it on third parties. Nintendo made a system that isn't appealing to the masses. Why would third parties risk spending a lot on a decent port/new ips when the instal base is:

A low with little growth.
B tend not to buy anything but Nintendo.

The fact Ubisoft isn't showing any Wii U game should emphasis the issue. It is clearly not worth doing. Which is a Nintendo creation (see previous generations)

Gamings_Last_Legend1606d ago


LOL_WUT is simply speaking the truth and the fanboys cant take it. SIMPLE AS THAT. its so awesome to meet gamers who have common sense who are real! i love it!

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

Sega, Tecmo KOEI, Atlus, Namco and other Japanese Publishers are collaborating with Nintendo on games and have unannounced titles.

So no you're wrong.

Western Publishers dont like Nintendo.

randomass1711607d ago

I think Activision is still working with them, but other than that I can't think of many that are even producing games for the Wii U.