Invizimals: The Resistance is Coming to PS Vita

SCEE has announced that Invizimals: The Resistance will be making its way to the PS Vita.

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Foraoise1246d ago

Isn't this very, very old? We were told invizimals was coming a long time ago.

ruefrak1246d ago

Nope, this one is all new. You had the Invizimal games for the PSP. Then there was Alliance for the Vita. Lost Kingdoms for the PS3, and now this one is Resistance for Vita.

Foraoise1246d ago

Oh. Neat! Never was a fan of the games, but I'm sure many are.

ruefrak1246d ago

One thing that Vita is really lacking in is games for kids. Hopefully this does well. I hear the last one did pretty good.

Skate-AK1246d ago

The first picture looks to clear to be using the Vitas camera.