Uncharted 4 is “Darker” than Previous Entries – Insider

OnlySP: According to supposed industry insider Tidux, Uncharted 4 may be a little different than previous entries in the series.

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GarrusVakarian1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Oh no, Foxtrot isn't going to like this ;p

I'm all for a darker tone, though. Not as dark as TLOU....but darker than previous Uncharted games. Although i think i may be in the minority.

PockyKing1666d ago

As long as it's not too dark I'm ok with it going in that direction, I think Naughty Dog learned a lot from The Last of Us about creating more mature themes, so Uncharted might have a much more compelling story than the previous entries because of that. At least that's my hope.

pedrof931666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )


I don't think that is darker in color but more in theme.

Edit: This wasn't for you, but for Lukas.

PockyKing1666d ago


What? That's exactly what I said ha, where did you get "color" out of that?

GarrusVakarian1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )


By "tone" i meant tone of the game in terms of atmosphere and how it feels. Not "tone" as in the colour of the game.:p

And huh....24 agrees, 0 disagrees. I guess im not in the minority, lol.

Nekroo911666d ago

(Spoiller alert)No, this happened because Amy Henning left. They wanted to kill Elena with Uncharted 2 but the writer wanted her in the story...

Now Amy left and they are going to kill Elene and creater a darker story

Farmassy1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

I don't think this is good news. The thing that makes uncharted great is that it is lighthearted and adventurous... its like the game version of indiana jones and thats why I love it.

Uncharted is why I bought a PS3 (my first game on PS3 was uncharted 2). It seems like they had a lot of success with tlou (which was a great game) and now they are giving uncharted a similar tone.

I play uncharted for the indiana jones like adventure and wonderment, not for gritty realism

GribbleGrunger1666d ago

They have to do something because Drake is currently a jovial, wise cracking serial killer. With the right approach and production values of TLOU, the violence may at last have context. I'm looking forward to improved performances, better dialogue and more meaningful characters.

DukeofRandomcat1666d ago


Interesting, do you have a source for this? I'd love to read more about it.

RebelWAC1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

"WE learned a lot from The Last of Us that Naughty Dog can create more mature themes, so Uncharted might have a much more compelling story than the previous entries because of that. At least that's my hope."

Fixed :D

alexkoepp1666d ago

I prefer darker over lighter so its fine in my book

ravinash1666d ago

I don't mind if the story is a little darker, but I would like Uncharted to keep some of it's light heartedness.

TLOU was amazing, but it's best to keep the two different games as different as possible so they don't end up blending into the same game.
The overall mechanics of the games are similar, so the best way to keep them apart is the overall feel of the story.

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-Foxtrot1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Course I bloody don't :P

Last of Us is DARK and GRITTY

Uncharted is WARM and LIGHT HEARTED

Why make one franchise have the same themes as the other. It doesn't make sense, it gives both franchises something which sets them apart. As I've said Neil wanted to kill Elena off in Uncharted 2, says it all really.

I knew this would happen when Amy left. <sigh>

Guessing the online won't go back to what Uncharted 2 was like either.

GarrusVakarian1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

But....what happens when you take some of that DARK and GRITTY, and sprinkle it into the WARM and LIGHT HEARTED? Who says it has to be the same as TLOU? Maybe it's MOSTLY the same as past UC games...but with a *little* TLOU.

A recipe for success me thinks.

*Takes cover from Foxtrots outrage*

PockyKing1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

I don't think Uncharted 4 will be anywhere near as dark as The Last of Us, but I mean, you kinda saw that evolution begin with Uncharted 3 wit how the main villain played out. She was much more devious than Zoran in my opinion. Not by her actions necessarily, but just her character.

It'll be interesting to see what ND does if they do go darker, but I don't think they're going to change Drake's character too much.

Edit: Lukas, you need to shut the blast doors.

MrSwankSinatra1666d ago

If only the online would go back to being like U2's.

pandaboy1666d ago

Amy Hennig couldn't create an original story-line even if Neil Druckmann offered her cunnilingus for it. Uncharted has always had great writing for characters but a lackluster and cliched plot.

I'm glad they are choosing to go darker. Uncharted needs it otherwise it is going to have the been there done that feel. Hopefully there are some fresh gameplay mechanics too.

LordMaim1666d ago

I swear to god, if they kill Sully...

Just... just, no.

-Alpha1666d ago

It's probably not going to be dark at all.

Maybe a scene or two with Drake seeing something dark, or the villain being a little more serious, but they aren't going to get rid of what makes Uncharted what it is.

And I hope the MP is more like Uncharted 2 than Uncharted 3.

-Foxtrot1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )


"But...what happens when you take some of that DARK and GRITTY, and sprinkle it into the WARM and LIGHT HEARTED?"

Then you might end up getting something which most likely doesn't resemble the franchise at all and at the end of the day ends up standing out from the rest...but not in the good way.

I love Uncharted...and I mean LOVE Uncharted. I just don't want them to change something which doesn't need to be changed.

If true it makes me think there's more to why Amy left then what we've heard.

Uncharted 3 had some dark themes to it and in my opinion it didn't really sit right with me. It felt unneeded and stood out like sore thumb.


"but they aren't going to get rid of what makes Uncharted what it is."

Well that's the thing, we don't know what they are thinking if true.

Uncharted is Uncharted because of that warm, light hearted vibe while searching for treasure, defeating the bad guys, possibly saving the the Indiana Jones films or the Mummy. Take that away or reduce it and it won't feel the same anymore.

We don't want it to loose it's charm.

GarrusVakarian1666d ago


"Then you might end up getting something which most likely doesn't resemble the franchise at all and at the end of the day ends up standing out from the rest...but not in the good way. "

Maybe, yeah....but they gotta take risks man, try new things. The last thing you want to happen is have a great franchise like UC start going stale due to lack of change or experimentation.

But like you said, it could go the opposite way and have a negative effect. But seriously, this is ND we're talking about here. I don't think they would do anything to jeopardize UC.

intellegent1666d ago

Calling it now, Sully is going to die.

psyxon1666d ago

You do know that Amy helped write U4, right? You make it seem like they just abruptly chose to go in a slightly different direction all because she left. Not the case at all.

-Foxtrot1666d ago

"You do know that Amy helped write U4, right?"

Yeah but you do realise after she left they could of changed anything they liked....probably things she didn't want changed.

SoapShoes1666d ago

But Amy had already finshed the story for Uncharted soooo it's her doing, Foxtrot. Don't act like Neil had total contol over this project...

Baccra171666d ago

This reminds me when Prince of Persia decided to go dark back in the day, and that didn't work out to well for them. Uncharted shouldn't be dark for the sake of being dark- I play Uncharted for Drake not a Nolan Batman wannabe.

And If I have to go through more of those horrendous hand to hand fights and horribly over scripted action events like I did in Uncharted 3, I'm probably going to hold off on it.

-Foxtrot1666d ago


Course they can change the story if she isn't their anymore they can change the story

Todd Stashwick was going to be a character in the story, he left which means they iether recast him or they changed the character

Changes can be made as she's not creative director anymore. It's different if the motion capturing had been done

uncharted561666d ago

Look at my user name and you will realize how much of a fan I am of this series that said. Last 3 uncharted games have been pretty similar with my personal opinion being the last one was the weakest imo. I think its a time for a little change in this series. Lets be honest the more darker theme wont be on the same level as The Last of Us. Don't you always complain about franchises not involving enough and now when they are trying something in the uncharted universe you are being negative. I agree online should be like uncharted 2 thats what I fell in love with. I would say lets watch something from the game and then we can judge it.

creatchee1666d ago


I feel what you're saying for sure. We have an expectation of an Uncharted game - just that feel that you will get while you are taking it in. If you swing the tone too much, you lose that previous balance point and it becomes something else entirely. While it may be better or worse, it's not the same experience.

However, Lukas has some good points. If, instead of a shift in feeling, it's a sprinkling of elements of a different tone, everything can work well. Since the two franchises get compared often, take the Indiana Jones movies. Raiders, Temple, and Crusade were all very different movies, but they all had a certain feel that made them part of a cohesive lineage. Raiders had old school adventure, Temple was the slightly darker (sprinkled) one, and Crusade was the one with heart and family and giving closure. Each had different elements, but at all times, you FELT like you were watching an Indiana Jones movie. More importantly, it was hard to imagine the story being told with any other characters or in a different universe.

Then there was Crystal Skull. That's what happens when you lose focus and the feeling of a series. It didn't feel like an Indy movie - I could have placed different people in the roles and it wouldn't have made a difference. Sometimes it's okay to not go past part 3 :/

I'm hoping Uncharted does right by the series and that it makes you, me, and all of its fans (both old and new alike) happy.

windblowsagain1666d ago

You can still have warm and light hearted with a dark theme. It's all in the dialogue imo.

-Foxtrot1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )


"Don't you always complain about franchises not involving enough and now when they are trying something in the uncharted universe you are being negative"

Dunno why your getting agreed on because in fact it's usually this what I complain about. How a franchise changes it's tone which results in the game (good or bad) not feeling like part of the franchise which made it great

Tomb Raider - More about shooting then solving puzzles
Max Payne 3 - Over the top action, no noire, gritty MP themes
Resident Evil 5/6 - No horror, too much action
Final Fantasy 13 - Anything but a FF game
Dead Space 3 - Again no horror, too much action
Assassins Creed 4 - Pirates in a ASSASSINS Creed game, huh


(By the way remember I said games good OR bad when reading that list. Not saying those games weren't good, some were, just didn't feel like part of the franchise)

hellzsupernova1666d ago

foxtrot right with you. After Amy left they have rewritten the main villain already which the actor has stated. It is no longer Amy's story.

sonic9891666d ago

this new naughty dog doesnt even have the smell of the old crash and jak naughty dog .
they became more focused on those realistic themes which i dont like in all honesty .
i tried uncharted even though i didnt like as much as some of you guys but at least i tried it .
i didnt touch the last of us simply it wasnt magical it was more of a movie like experience yes a great game and cinematic for sure but in my case i dont like to watch movies and i dont like games that try to look like movies .
i just wish that Sony has something up their sleeves other than uncharted .
media molecule is a great example of creativity for me they are the best Sony studio those guys define the Fun creative magical game .
in end there must be something for everybody and thats the theme for playstation .

DukeofRandomcat1666d ago


"Then you might end up getting something which most likely doesn't resemble the franchise at all and at the end of the day ends up standing out from the rest...but not in the good way. "

Uncharted has always been a bit dark, it just hasn't been as well executed as its light hearted parts. I mean, do you remember the Spaniard inbred "Descendants"? They just haven't been as good with the far reaching implications of the darker elements. They seem to get lost in all the noise of gunshots and explosion. I say experimentation with a bit of dark sounds good, like Lukas said "Dark and gritty sprinkled into warm and light hearted" might be for the best.


Lilrizky1666d ago

donkey kong and mario are both light hearted, platformers but still do enough to set themselves apart.

I highly doubt that uncharted is going to be last of us dark. it'll still be light hearted just a bit darker. I can't think of a good example at the moment but i guess iron man 2-3. 2 was lighthearted and 3 was a tiny bit darker, more personal etc.

UltraNova1666d ago

What are you guys mumbling about ? Uncharted must remain Uncharted, preferably stay inline with the theme of U2, its an indiana jones/tombraider hybrid and that's what makes it what it is, fun, witty and addictive.

SoapShoes1665d ago

Foxtrot... She just left and they will be showcasing it at E3, there isn't enough time to rewrite the script and still show it off. They can change small things possibly but the overall story hasn't had enough time to be changed. It would require actors to redo mocap, and lots of other things.

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Sevir1666d ago

Uncharted 3 was much darker than the other 2 games, and I loved it. I hope U4 is Dark but not destitute like TLOU... Either way, this is going to be MINDBLOWING. Uncharted is a big name like HALO now so it's going to melt faces. I swear if the game looks better than the Order in visuals I'll be stunned. As that game melts faces

Thatguy-3101666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Even though Drake's Deception was alright I believe that it could have been a lot better. The story did have a darker tone to it when comparing it to the previous installments but it didn't unfold well which hurt it. If they learned a few things from TLoU and apply to what they tried executing with Drake's Deception then I think we can have an amazing game.

Thatguy-3101666d ago

As long as they out do the story in Uncharted 3 I'll be happy with it. Let's see if this installment matches or exceeds the bars set by Uncharted 2 on this franchise.

Brazz1666d ago

if they keep the humor and good jokes... i'm all for a darker and more mature story.

truefan11666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

I don't think this is a smart business decision. Hear me out, you have tlou which will be a staple playstation game for years to come, its dark and mature. Uncharted has been a game everyone can play, if they make it dark like tlou you are not going to reach everyone.

Think of it like this, Halo=Everyone, Gears=Mature. Both in the same genre, but they serve several audiences.

For ps4 it should be Uncharted=everyone tlou=mature.

GarrusVakarian1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

That's a very good point. But the thing we don't know yet is *how much* darker they are going to make it. (And seeing as this is a rumour, we don't even know if it's true at all).

Are they going to make it dark to the point of alienating certain people? Or are they going to keep it light-hearted like the past games and only add a *little* darkness into certain scenes or certain characters?

I guess we will just have to wait and find out, but you do bring up a valid point, one which i think ND and Sony should pay attention to, the last thing they wanna do is alienate people when it comes to such a huge PS staple franchise. If i had to make a prediction, i think it will be quite a bit more dark than past UC games, nowhere near to the point of TLOU...but definitely darker. Which is fine with me, i much prefer darker toned games. Gears 1 for example, had the best story, imo, due to it's darker tone.

Well said+

DVS-Zev1666d ago

The problem with that comparison is that, unlike xbox 360, PS3 didn't have 3 exclusives a year(Halo gears forza) that were targeted per demographic.It was just a wide array of great games.

I don't agree with you.

Baccra171666d ago

You're absolutely right.

jukins1666d ago

I agree it needs to be darker/more mature. I'd even shoot for a m rating. Kinda like the more recent bond movies. Not too many comedy or snappy com back moments just action and brutality.

guyman1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Lol I was thinking the exact same thing about foxtrot. I remember a comment he made not too long ago about uncharted adopting a darker theme lol, he slammed that idea.

Anyway, I'm really all for it and I think it's a necessary change to the series to set it apart from its predecessors.

Edit: sorry, I have no idea why this comment landed here... Was supposed to be in reply to lukas's First comment on the page

Dark111666d ago

Nah i hope it will be as dark as TLOU if not darker
the light hearted stuff is one of the reasons why i don't like uncharted.

I hope this news is true.

Austin481666d ago

Off subject but do you and foxtrot not get along or something?

GarrusVakarian1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

We get along just fine, what gives you that impression? I'm just aware of how much he loves this series and how much he hates talk of it being tampered with in terms of being made darker or grittier.

So i knew he wouldn't like this rumour. Hence why i said "Foxtrot isn't going to like this". The ":p" was supposed to imply no ill-will, and that i was making a jovial assumption.

starchild1666d ago

I was hoping for a darker Uncharted. I loved the previous games, but I think taking it to a darker place could be very effective. I'm sure there will still be humor and levity in places, but if the overall threat and tone of the game is a bit darker it will suit me just fine.

greenlantern28141666d ago

No I think your in the majority. As long as Drake stays Drake the games tone can be darker but your right not TLOU dark

rainslacker1666d ago

Gritty dark no, but serious story dark yes. They touched on a darker story in UC3, but Nate kept everything pretty light overall.

This series doesn't need a reboot yet.

Austin481666d ago

I just found it odd that you called him out on that that's all lol.

Jaqen_Hghar1666d ago

there's enough games with dark tones. A man likes a good lighthearted game every now and then

GarrusVakarian1666d ago

A man has missed a man's comments.

Where has a man been?

showtimefolks1666d ago

i have all the confidence in the world in ND(in my book they are the best development studio in gaming business)


i think you are spot on, that's why they let go of few people and got a new person to do voice acting. I think they Learned so much from the last of us and now want to implement stuff they learned from TLOU

Zero-One1666d ago

So long as it fits and makes since for the series.

E2M1666d ago

To push the series forward a darker tone would definitely keep the uncharted series fresh. Stories have been pretty basic in previous installments

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MrSwankSinatra1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

If this is true then i think we now know the reason why Amy Hennig left.

0P-Tigrex1666d ago

Amy Henning was involved in Uncharted 3, correct? To me that game was a downgraded copy/paste version of Uncharted 2. The same scenarios literally repeated themselves in the game. The game's pacing was WAY off. The "hang on to your seat" moments in UC3 were dull. Tbh the only moment i enjoyed was the Plan e crash..then it went into the same recycled scenarios that of UC2.

Hell, the final battle between talbot was a glorified QTE.
I need a better story from Uncharted. This new entry has serious potential if done correctly.

Thatguy-3101666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Exactly!!! Amy is good but Niel is better. Just compare the games that they were in charge of and you can clearly see who does the better work. You have no idea how damaged I became after finishing Drake Deception and realizing I wasn't pleased like I was with Among Thieves. With Niel back in control I can reasure that the game will match the epicness of TLoU and Among Thieves. The story in those two games were really thought out and unfold really well. Oh and don't get me started on character development which Uncharted 3 really suffered from.

incendy351666d ago

She was most involved in part 2 but she was also involved in part 3.

showtimefolks1666d ago


Neil is so much better IMO, Amy got way too much credit. People think she is the sole reason Uncharted series is so great

What Neil and his team did with TLOU is much better than whole UC series, but than again they learned a lot from UC series.

I just don't like how people think just because 4 developers left that ND will turn into a bad studio. 4 people left out of 250 that actually work there

ND will own E3 this year, next UC will set the standard for where gaming should go

0P-Tigrex1666d ago


Yeah I can agree with that.
The thing that killed me was the lack of immersion. You literally moved around the globe with a flash of a cutscene or black screen. At least in Uncharted 2 everything was continuous. You start in chile and you make your way up to the Himalayas(btw the train sequence was epic). In uncharted 3 it felt like i was playing a mission based game bc of how much you moved around.

I'm excited for Uncharted 4. I was never big on the multiplayer, i played 2&3's but it wasn't for me.

I want a game that gives me the "feels". Like in TLOU i get choked up every time i see Sara die while Joel holds her.. Or the conversation between joel and ellie in the bedroom. It's moments like that where i consider a game to be a real work of art beyond the mechanic of a FPS.

DukeofRandomcat1666d ago

Oh dah spoilersss~~

Good points though. Absolutely on board with what you're saying.

smashman981666d ago

Interesting, I would love to see Nolan North handle darker tones again I loved him in Spec ops and the last of us so he cetainly is capable

MasterCornholio1666d ago

All he needs is some high quality tanning lotion and a day at the beach.