Digital Spy: How PS4 racer DRIVECLUB puts social front and center

DRIVECLUB may have stalled on the starting line a couple of times - it was originally planned to launch alongside the PS4 last year - but Evolution Studios' delayed racer promises to bring something unique to the genre when it drifts in this October.

The game straddles the divide between the arcade and simulation sub-categories, but to lump it into either one does it a disservice.

While this PS4 exclusive strikes a balance between petrolhead-pleasing authenticity and accessibility, what makes DRIVECLUB really stand out is its social elements.

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medman1668d ago

Drive Club is looking fantastic. The backdrops I've seen in the videos are absolutely stunning. Hopefully the racing is smooth....if it is this is almost a must have if you're a car nut. It's the kind of game you leave running on a demo race just to look at the visuals.