Meet The Man Who Keeps Making Up Fallout 4 Rumors

There's this interesting Bethesda memo floating around. Maybe you've seen it on a fan-run gaming site or your favorite message board. It's all very exciting.

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XiSasukeUchiha1607d ago

This man should be ashamed of himself for trolling people about Fallout 4 being announced every single for you trolling you deserve this (Genjutsu: Sharingan Activated)
Good night and have a good sleep.

abc12331607d ago

Wtf is up with these Naruto references. Wouldn't go so far as to say that he should be ashamed of himself, though he does have way too much free time on his hands. On the other hand, the sites which circulate these obvious fake rumours without checking them for a few hits and some sweet ad revenue, with no care about their readers, should be ashamed of themselves.

SnakeCQC1606d ago

Did that guy get debubbled just because of all the naruto references?

Darkstares1606d ago

The man behind the rumors says,
"I do it all just because I personally find it entertaining," Jesse said. "Got to do something to keep the boredom away."

That essentially explains why trolls act the way they do. They are bored, likely have little in the way of a social life and unlikely to have any relationship with any females.

King_of_Nothing1606d ago

@Darkstares, there are female trolls too you know! =P

Darkstares1605d ago

King_of_Nothing, I'm sure there are but it's likely very few in comparison.

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The_Gentleman1606d ago

An excellent article. Love it when Kotaku shed light onto the trolls' inner thinking.

If major gaming sites weren't so keen to publish click-bait pieces on 'rumours', this chap and others like him wouldn't bother conjuring nonsense. Here's some insight into how the business of online journalism works:

The thinking of journalists two decades ago: "Wait, they said THAT? Hold off on printing anything until we get official confirmation/denial from the company."

The thinking of journalists today: "There's a rumour going around about the new Fallout. Is it true? Hell if I know, but let's put a headline up anyway; we need the site traffic."

mixelon1606d ago

It's always been the same with newspaper headlines and sales, especially among the tabloids. Facts are secondary to catchy concepts.

Almost makes me wish there wasn't a free press.. Almost. At least in our case it's inaccurate news about gaming, and not peoples lives, politics and other things that can cause more issues.

The_Gentleman1606d ago

Yes, indeed, because the Daily Mail and Fox News are perfectly fair and balanced in their news headlines.

Phoenix761606d ago

You know, here in the UK we have a name for people like this. It starts with a "W" and ends with an "R".

elhebbo161606d ago

I remember back when /r/fallout was going crazy over the morse codes released everyday, then pete hines had to ruin the mood and say it was all fake, I dont care it still was one of the most fun and engaging hoax ever.

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