Wolfenstein: The New Order - PS4, Xbox One, and PC Graphics Comparison

Compare the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC in this graphics comparison of Wolfenstein: The New Order.

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XiSasukeUchiha1607d ago

These comparisons are quite informative, it's go to show which is the superior one? which one is the inferior one? and which is average one? by the split difference. and to N4G I'm Sasuke Uchiha so you should be prepare for a Naruto reference but I would not be spawn them 24/7 I just see it and find one that's find it like a glove. So I'm out (Walks away).

windblowsagain1607d ago

The game is not impressive graphically in anyway whatsoever.

ITPython1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

I agree. The game looks like a last gen game graphically. Which is understandable since both the PS4 and XB1 have 1080p @60fps and only have minor graphical differences (which is impossible if both were being pushed, as the PS4 would dominate beyond belief).

Only way for the XB1 to match the PS4 in resolution and fps and look nearly the same, is if the game is running at last-gen graphics and is extremely undemanding. Heck, I could probably ultra the game on a 10 year old PC with an on-board graphics processor.

If this game had next-gen graphics and the PS4 was getting 1080p @60fps, the XB1 version would struggle to even maintain 720p @60fps.

If I buy this game, it is being purchased used for extremely cheap. If developers make a game for the next-gen consoles, then it better look next-gen.

ATi_Elite1607d ago

I just love graphic comparisons of a Game that is using Last Gen technology and IS NOT Graphically intense ANYWAY!

Destrania1606d ago

Ehh, not sold on this game. Maybe when it's cheaper or gets offered on PS+. As far as visual differences, I don't really notice much of any, however like stated above, this game is far from technically demanding.

S2Killinit1606d ago

well, its not the best looking game. I like some of the game design though. Sad that they didn't really take advantage of the PS4's power. Although i don't think graphical prowess was the ultimate goal of this game and so no harm done.

Hold_It1605d ago

Sadly we will never see a multiplatform game get pushed to the limit on PS4 because Microsoft has a parity clause on anything that is multiplatform. Everything will be scaled down to match Xbox One. I beat the game recently on Death Incarnate difficulty on my PS4 and I did notice that important textures in the game like Characters, Enemies, Guns, and interactable objects had very good looking textures but other areas in the game looked similar to sprites than textures.

Hopefully this parity clause gets removed soon, because frankly it's not really fair for Microsoft to gimp Next-Gen. People were hype because they wanted a huge day and night difference in graphics and while it is a leap forward from PS3/360, its not as much as it could be if there were no parity limitations.

The PS2/Gamecube/Xbox era didn't have parity and the most powerful console was the most powerful console and didn't have Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA's) to have developers lie or keep quiet. While I am a PC Gamer, and I like Console gaming as well, I feel that it is going to take Consoles a long while to reach the same level if stuff like parity keeps happening. Microsoft must have really rushed the Xbox One otherwise they wouldn't have parity and know that Halo and their exclusives would attract former Xbox adopters, and Sony would have their exclusives and attract their same crowd, same for Nintendo.

May one day we have another gaming generation that is not hindered by performance faults in other consoles.