USA Pre-Order Chart Week Ending 17th May 2014

Top 5:
1) Watch Dogs (PS4) 358,634
2) Destiny (PS4) 299,430
3) Destiny (XOne) 260,817
4) Mario Kart 8 (WiiU) 231,863
5) Watch Dogs (XOne) 230,634

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Geobros1581d ago

wow!!! Mario Kart 8 passed Watch dogs for xone in USA...thats amazing!!

pedrof931581d ago


They pretty much declared that the X1 won the month of April. LOL

mikeslemonade1581d ago

Way to go current gen!

Mario Kart 8 only #4?? MK8 is not the savior for the WiiU, confirmed! You can't even beat out the multiple versions of Watchdogs in which Watchdogs is not even a game of the year material.

ddkshah1581d ago

Right lol i wouldn't be surprised if they are undertracking watchdogs ps4 preorders and overtracking xb1's preorders.

Geobros1581d ago

In USA the numbers are good..

Sethry1011581d ago

This site needs to be banned, has been proven wrong! Come one mods step up!

JMyers1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

Not just April... dont forget VG also declared that X1 won the month of March...SMH

Why o why1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

Just how much shield protection is n4g giving vgc chartz.

They fudge numbers... change their name to vg predictions and it wouldn't be so annoying. Month after month they mess us yet n4g in their great wisdom continue to give them a pass. C'mon guys..worthier people and sites have been banned for less and its starting to look suspicious. My honest opinion.

ChozenWoan1580d ago

I wouldn't say banned, but at least tagged as rumor...

although tarred and feathered does sound like a nice idea.

TheoreticalParticle1580d ago

I still have no idea why a site that just invents garbage numbers is allowed to be viewed as "data".

I could roll 2d10, multiply the result by 100,000 and have a website full of bullshit "sales numbers", too. I'd probably be closer than these jerks. How long are you going to drive ad money for pure, unfiltered crap?

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kanyewesting1580d ago

I'm glad, screw Ubisoft for making Watch Dogs have permanent console DLC exclusivity.

Magicite1580d ago

destiny will be big, thats certain.

No_Limit1581d ago

Not surprised by Mario Kart 8 at all as the Wii version is like the best selling console game of all time. Can't wait to play mine in a week.

Gamer19821581d ago

Best selling consoles game of all time is wii sports thanks to it being bundled with all wii consoles get your facts straight.

Realplaya1580d ago

Ok best non bundled console game. Does that make you feel better. Oh yeah Wii Sports resort sold ty good as well.pret

Ninver1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

not looking gud for WD on X1. MK8 has more pre-orders

apparently sony and nintendo gamers don't buy games.

AceBlazer131581d ago

Watch Dogs in first? As much as people were anticipating the game I honestly wasn't expecting Destiny to get knocked off of first place.

S2Killinit1581d ago

wow, Playstation games dominate the chart. not to mention that this is VG Charts.

Persian_Immortal1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

They can fluff up numbers to a certain degree and not get called out on it, especially those strange xbox one numbers, xbox one maybe even lower than 4 million if NPD numbers are accurate. PS4 sales are usually undertracked from 100-300K, Xbox Numbers are fluffed 270K NPD lol more like 115K. As far claims that this is a xbox fanboy run site, Xbox fanboys use the Pro-Sony site argument on virtually every other website besides polygon.

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The story is too old to be commented.