Official E3 Floor Plan revealed. Microsoft have begun rehearsals for E3

Check out the floor plans for E3 2014.

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christocolus1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

Same here and i wonder what MS has planned.Phil aint fooling around this time.that's for sure.

I'm beginning to think MS might announce their VR tech or show off some sort of illumiroom/xbox one functionality at E3. Can't be more hyped for this show.


3weeks is quite early and besides they've never put in this much effort into any of their past shows,so its still something to be excited about.

Majin-vegeta1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

Nothing new companies alwaysndo rehersels advance in time.It takes time to perfect these things.

Edit:Damn 3 Sony spots?o_O

Man this E3 is gonna rock.Hope no leaks get out.I wanna be surprised and be like everytime.

ZodTheRipper1581d ago

"E3 is 3weeks away and they starting rehearsals already?"

I don't understand that either, they have perfectioned their show already,

On a serious note, 3 weeks is absolutely normal for the biggest event of the year, what are you thinking?

AngelicIceDiamond1581d ago

E3 for all three will be huge.

E3 Team Xbox is underway.

christocolus1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )


I couldn't agree more, the big three will have big announcements but I've never been this excited for any MS E3 conference, they've been hyping it up alot and so far they've done great with all the pre e3 announcements.

The old Microsoft would never give away huge announcements like halo5, GWG and SO before E3.with Phil as the boss its definitly a new direction for them and im expecting really big things from them at the show. Also their floor plan is huuuge.I wonder why they have that little one by the side though.

a08andan1581d ago

Well the rehearsals could be for things like testing WiFi interference with stage-demoing of games or something like that. Among other things ofc :)

cell9891581d ago

@Zodripper lol what the hell were all those people cheering at the xbone reveal, cracks me up

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3-4-51580d ago

So that "leak" from a few days back was correct then right ? About the layout, at least within West Hall.

The excitement grows every day.

I'll have Mario Kart 8 to keep me occupied but I can't wait for E3.

Kayant1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

Looks like there isn't any need to worry like people were with the outdated one because Sony have three spots.

Which if you look back some years they haven't done.

It doesn't mean much expect maybe they have a lot to show on the show floor at least.

Edit -

That Nintendo space o_0

mikel10151581d ago

Looks like the plans weren't fake, just unfinished

DryBoneKoopa851581d ago

I was going to say... I thought they said these floor plans are fake.

modesign1581d ago

have they released the schematics for the bathrooms.

Kevlar0091581d ago

Rehearsals starting now...

Nuk1581d ago

It's like a wedding lol. Except everyone's gonna be excited to be standing for long periods of time.

AutoCad1581d ago

Eager to see these 2 bombshell announcements they have planned.

Sloth-Eater1581d ago

I'm about to drop my own bombshell lol.

Nuk1581d ago

You must of worked for 3d realms.

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The story is too old to be commented.