Global Weekly, 10th May 2014

Global Hardware
PS4 117,218
3DS 101,721
XOne 53,308
PS3 41,571
PSV 32,691
WiiU 30,413
X360 26,156
PSP 11,016
Wii 8,680

Global Software by platform
PS3 853,337
X360 750,253
3DS 528,433
PS4 435,641
PC 263,254
Wii 262,411
DS 197,815
PSV 172,800
WiiU 165,886
XOne 161,839
PSP 65,701

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bicfitness1670d ago

Quick, quick! Back-peddle some more on those X1 figures. Redact! Redact! Redact! I wish I had bookmarked that N4G reply for March and/or April that had their "estimates" off by over 100K for the X1 in the US.

This isn't even news, its about as credible as a frothing rant on Gamefaqs.

MysticStrummer1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

"This isn't even news…"

It is labeled as a rumor, but it's definitely funny how consistently off vgchartz is. Last month's discrepancy was incredible. I always knew the numbers were estimates/guesses/wishful thinking but I never paid attention to how bad it was before.

…Yes… I, a PS fan, am dismissing vgchartz even when it has PS4 winning the week by a huge margin.

iamnsuperman1670d ago

They really should title the article as the "Global Guess" as that is what they are really doing (hence the targets being well off)

FITgamer1670d ago

They just adjusted down Xbox One numbers for the past 6 weeks and the Xbox One are still overtracked by almost 40k in US.

MysticStrummer1670d ago

"They really should title the article as the "Global Guess" as that is what they are really doing"

No kidding. Guessing, and then going to the trouble of making a chart out of it. Maybe that's why it's "chartz" instead of "charts". A distorted knock off of reality, like buying a fake pair of Nikes.

mikeslemonade1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

SMH -_- I never understood why PS4 fans still don't like vgchartz. Why would you care so much if PS4 is undertracked and X1 is overtracked.

The figures still tell basically the same story in that PS4 is on the verge of selling on a 2:1 ratio overall.

Why do you care?? Do you work for Sony and your job is on the line if you are not accurate within your quota??

As far as bragging rights PS4 wins despite the "handicaps" in favor of X1. Expect next week to be even lower because people will be waiting for the new X1 sku.

update: Look at the pathetic software sales for X1. When you sell less games than the WiiU lol..

Lightning Mr Bubbles1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

PS Vita outsold the Wii U :)

aceitman1670d ago

@mikeslemonade these numbers are low and it was not stated that the x1 will come without Kinect heck the preorders aren't even on amazons top 100. and that's not a good sign even with preorders it should be on the top 100. and also why would they even need to announce it before e3 they lost more sales.

MysticStrummer1670d ago

@Lemonade - What makes less sense, someone recognizing the worthlessness of vgchartz numbers, or someone who cares whether somebody else likes or dislikes vgchartz?

Why do you care? Do you work for vgchartz and your job is on the line if you don't defend it with enough passion?

The disKinected One is already available for order on Amazon. It's not doing very well so far.

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Eonjay1670d ago

At least give them credit for correcting the charts after the fact.

bicfitness1669d ago

Why give someone credit for correcting sloppy work in the first place? First rule of credibility and integrity: put your best foot forward to begin with.

Godmars2901670d ago

How is XO selling less software than the WiiU?

mikel10151670d ago

Less consoles = less people to buy the games

KinjoTakemura1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

The WiiU actually has been second in total sales, preceded by the PS4. Which means that Xbox one is number 3 on the hardware and software sales list.

HomerDog1670d ago

Yea the only thing is vg charts are fake so move along

MysticStrummer1670d ago

@Homer - You're saying XB1 has passed WiiU in sales?

HomerDog1670d ago

no I'm saying I don't go based on fake numbers. or better yet I don't care about numbers

Godmars2901670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

Except that when VGcharts got things "wrong", it tended to be in favor of the Xbox brand which is why this comes off as being semi-surprising.

And I was going to say something about the XO selling better than the WiiU, but it apparently hasn't.

MysticStrummer1670d ago

"better yet I don't care about numbers"

You do care. Your response to Kinjo pointing out that XB1 has sold less than WiiU proves that. It's a fact that you don't like much so you implied that only vgchartz is saying it.

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XiSasukeUchiha1670d ago

Ok? i suppose I can forget this and move along (Walks away).

Hung__Daddy1670d ago

Yes. Walk away and never come back.

AnteCash1670d ago

Its VGcharts , move along people.

skydragoonity1670d ago

Mehn the bone is really going down

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