What to Expect from Sony at E3 2014

It's the beginning of a new generation and with new tech comes new games. Sony's top dog will be hard pressed to keep up the momentum ahead of the pack and there are more than a few ways it can do it in style.

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DigitalRaptor1369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )

- A couple of exclusive surprises
- Mostly things we already knew about due to insider leaks :/
- Games of all kinds. Lots of games.
- Third party developers referencing the exclusive content for PlayStation
- PS Now overview
- Brief overview of Morpheus and developers who are supporting it.
- Sales figures

- The Last Guardian / Shenmue / Rockstar exclusive announcements (?) Got to dream...

Killzoner991368d ago

-Mind blowing game reveals
-Winning E3

ZodTheRipper1368d ago

May I add:
- the Unexpected

Honestly, I'm not keen on arguing how it turns out ...I'll rather just let them surprise me.

user14394141368d ago


sobotz1368d ago


> Uncharted gameplay footage.
> The Order 1886 new trailer.
> DriveClub new gameplay trailer.
> PlanetSide 2 new gameplay trailer.
> The Last Guardian new trailer (and a release date).
> More PSVita games (probably indies).
> Project Morpheus demo and price.
> PS Now demo and release date.
> 3rd party games with exclusive content.

Yetter1368d ago

I'd say thats pretty realistic and really underwhelming. I hope Sony brings more to the table than this

WeAreLegion1368d ago

Give me Cerny or give me death!

WeAreLegion1368d ago

"Few only know how Shadow of the Colossus and Ico have deserved it over year old titles."

What does that sentence mean? We already have the Ico HD Collection. Was this article translated?

Ripsta7th1368d ago

Yeah I don't wanna see only remakes at E3 either

ZAF1368d ago

Take two extends Agent trade mark again.

Few days before E3, i wonder why :D

WeAreLegion1368d ago

They extended it last year, too. Don't get too excited. :/

AngelicIceDiamond1368d ago

Its more likely an annual renewal of the license but hey, fingers crossed you never know.

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The story is too old to be commented.