The Offerings 5/22/14: We're Losing Velocity

Every month, Xbox Live Gold members and PlayStation Plus subscribers can download select games for free from their service of choice. Almost all gaming websites report on the free games given to PS+ and XBL Gold subscribers. And now, so does Short Pause!

Two games left PlayStation Plus this week so that another two could enter, and Short Pause looks at what's going away next week.

Also, the author proposes readers join him for a play through Puppeteer!

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nope1111434d ago

I didn't really like Velocity..... Puppeteer is absolutely lovely though.

TheDude791434d ago

Puppeteer released at just about the worse time imaginable. Triple AAA titles all around it, and next gen consoles looming. It's a gem of a game, and has some of the best 3D functionality of all last gen. It's a beautiful game with a great story. Hopefully it gets the love it deserves now.

XiNarutoUzumaki1434d ago

Puppeter was an overlooked masterpiece.

sdozzo1434d ago

I can't disagree more.

billybehr1434d ago

Excited to check out puppeteer. Looks great!

billybehr1430d ago

So I played through the first act with my daughter. We're both having a great time with it. Glad Sony continue to make PS+ worth every penny.

MasterofMagnetism1434d ago

Just started Puppeteer and am really enjoying it.

bmbnbs1434d ago

I hope I enjoy it as well!