GamesBeat: 2K Games reveals new hunters to track, burn, and kill the creature in Evolve

The nemesis of the hunted creature in Evolve may very well be Daisy the pet.

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Tolkoto1664d ago

I'm hoping this game is as cool as it looks.

deantak1664d ago

it is indeed. lots of screaming and yelling. best if you are all in the same room.

Eldyraen1664d ago

The latest screenshots were pretty cool so looking forward to seeing gameplay from e3. I like how different characters have different weapons/abilities as well so even if you enjoy one class over others you can change things up by simply switching characters.

The robot and pet owner are the two that jumped out at me the most so hope we see new characters later and bet dlc will inevitably introduce even more monster/character variants to keep things fresh as time goes by. Between different worlds, hunters, and monsters Evolve is shaping up to keep people entertained for quite some time.