Watch_Dogs on PS4: Tons of 1080p Direct Feed Videos Show that The Game Really Looks Great

Quite a few YouTubers were granted a chance to try and record Watch_Dogs during an event last week in Paris, and the embargo just fell, causing a veritable flood of footage.


Added a few more videos as they pop up :D

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GarrusVakarian1640d ago



XiSasukeUchiha1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago ) on...the..screen!

GarrusVakarian1640d ago

Omg, there's two of them! ^^^^^


Nekroo911640d ago

did you notice the video from playstation acess the downtown of Chicado had 0 pedrestrians but if you slow down the game starts to render them.

rivencleft1640d ago

Highly agreed, cannot wait, this month has taken forever anticipating the release, seems longer than the wait since last year, at least I have Wolfenstein to play until it releases which has turned out to be quite the amazing game.

starchild1640d ago

This game is going to benefit a lot from TXAA.

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Christopher1640d ago

1080p feeds of 900p game....

It looks okay. I do believe that Ubisoft could have done much better but wanted to turn the whole game into a multiplayer game. It's the always active multiplayer elements that, IMHO, hold back the single player potential.

logan_izer101640d ago

It's not the small multiplayer feature that detracts from the single player potential. The real culprit of the "downgrade" debacle is the refusal to abandon PS3 and Xbox 360

Christopher1640d ago

I will agree with this as well. Or, the refusal to "leave them behind" as opposed to attempting to maintain some sort of parity among them.

hello121640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

1080p is superior if its just a video feed.

You get what you get when it comes to a game. Resolution has nothing to do with graphics.

Patrick_pk441640d ago

Stop talking please if you don't know anything.

Christopher1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

My whole comment wasn't about resolution but the game as a whole. I believe they could have done much better on _many levels_ if they hadn't designed the single player world to be an always living multiplayer world.

I'll ignore that you don't think resolution affects graphics.

MasterCornholio1640d ago

"Resolution has nothing to do with graphics."

Thats something dudebros say.


Resolution has a lot to do with graphics. Does who say otherwise are just butthurt that their system isnt on par with systems that output a superior resolution of this game.

tuglu_pati1640d ago

Resolution affects graphics, it gives you a clearer picture.

xKugo1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

You're partially correct when you say that. All too often, I hear people bring up the topic of graphics and immediately point to the resolution of a game rather than the actual "graphics" themselves. Simply put, resolution is merely the clarity and crispness of an image. Graphics are things like TressFX, PhysX, volumetric fog, particle effects(something that Infamous:Second Son does astoundingly well) occulusion supplement(s), type of anti-aliasing, DDM(Dynamic Displacement Mapping), Tesselation, etc. Basically all the things that PC users such as myself turn on for shits-and-giggles. Resolution really has nothing to do with graphics AT ALL. A game can have amazing graphics but lack the best resolutions possible. Two great examples for the consoles are Killzone and Ryse: Son of Rome. Both of those games don't have the greatest of resolutions but BOTH have incredible graphical techniques within that hardly go appreciated at all. You guys should really stop tripping balls over resolution and focus on the graphical effects themselves. The Division gameplay demo at last year's E3 wasn't amazing due to it's resolution, it was amazing because never before had we seen so many 3D simulated graphical techniques work in tandem so perfectly(not to mention the character animations) The closest thing I can think of that looked anywhere near that good was the now infamous E3 2012 demo of Watch Dogs. So yea...that's just my 2¢.

LightofDarkness1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Resolution is a property of the graphics on screen and has a definite and obvious effect. All of the visual aspects you see are graphics, as they are visuals generated by the computer. Resolution is a part of that, it determines the clarity and precision of what you see at a pixel level. Much as all of the effects add detail or dynamics to a scene, resolution adds clairity.

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I_am_Batman1640d ago

900p is the native resolution the game is rendered in.
1080p is the upscaled resolution the of the output signal. You'll never see a 900p video of it unless its downscaled from the upscaled output which will make the overall quality worse.

Christopher1640d ago

I made that comment because people sell the 1080p videos as if they're going to be true representations of the game itself and that it suddenly makes them 1080p. The reality is, 1080p or 720p, you're not going to get that good of a representation of the game. But, hey, somehow we need to mention everywhere that they're 1080p videos that will totally represent what you will see in the game and not at all be muddied down due to compression.

Volkama1640d ago

Don't think the PS4 has an option to output at 900p? A 1080p feed is representative of what the game actually looks like, it's the output you actually get.

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LordMaim1640d ago

Direct Feed videos being shown on YouTube. Talk about missing the point.

logan_izer101640d ago

It's still direct feed....

LordMaim1640d ago

Which is then compressed and capped at 30FPS for YouTube. If you could download the original direct feed video uncompressed, then at least you could see how it actually performs.

Adexus1640d ago

The games capped to 30fps anyway, wouldn't make a difference performance wise.

Stopher921640d ago

So is it 30 fps on PS4 or??

Christopher1640d ago

I believe 900p30fps is the final on Watch Dogs on PS4.

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