Ways Video Games Help With Real Life Issues

Okay, so we as gamers, obviously love video games. Probably a little too much… It’s no secret getting lost in a game can get us into a bit of trouble in the real world, (sorry Mom). In fact, games get kind of a bad reputation in general to non-gamers. Are games the creation of the Satan himself, or do they have real-world benefits that prove their worth? Luckily, we have a few reasons why they might not be a gift from the devil, because games are saving the planet, one awesome step at a time.

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Alexious1642d ago

I hope that one day, videogames can be freed of the tired and old stereotypes.

I'm sure there are many ways in that videogames can help.

TheUltimateGamer1642d ago

Agreed. I hate that they're cast in such a bad light.

kingdip901642d ago

I work as a nurses aid and one of the patients I used to care for was in a car crash, all he could move were his hands and arms and that was only limited movement so the doctors consider him quadriplegic.

He used to lay there all day on his xbox 360 playing games like red dead redemption and borderlands 2, but by far his favorite game was skyrim, he played it for months straight.

He would tell me how for him it was the only way he could feel like he was able to get out and about and actually do anything and for a 32 year old (at the time) that was extremely important to him.

Video games are a god Send and it's my hope they continue to be accessible to the people who not only enjoy them but greatly benefit from them to, that's why I like them to be as unrestricted with their policies as possible, not every nursing home has wifi so an all digital future in my mind isn't the way to go.

TheUltimateGamer1642d ago

That's awesome. I'm glad to hear he was at very least able to do that :)

As far as the "digital age" of gaming. I'm with you. I like to have a physical disc that retains some value rather than a seemingly tentative ownership of something that doesn't quite exist :)

Knightshade1641d ago

Love em or hate em, that's one of the things I really love about Evil Controllers. They made game controllers exactly for folks like Kingdip90 is describing. It's awesome.

TheSuperior 1641d ago

I think these kind of posts need more attention because I can name several ways games have benefited me in real life which is something a lot of non gamers laugh at if I ever say it out loud.