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Future_20151186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

Nothing new for the xbox juan then, its also coming to pc but both games are already on pc so I don't understand what they have done if not just for a rebadged version

mikeslemonade1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

Both games ran pretty bad on the last gen systems so this remaster is completely necessary. And also pathetic how X1 can't achieve parity. I guess the developers are pushing the PS4 and leaving the X1 behind.

hello121186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

This is false, the resolution for xb1 hasn't been announced yet. I'd be worried this will turn out to be another watchdogs fiasco. PS4 isn't 1080p. Just going to wait till we get official confirmation. Too many gaming sites assuming too much.

Playstation blogs confirmed 1080p and 60 frames for Watchdogs too, look how that turned out!

Just wait for confirmation nothing is certain until we hear from the devs.

Thats been updated since

There are reports that the Xbox One will be running at 900P. We decided to get in touch with DeepSilver’s PR agency again. The PR said that the last they heard is that it’s not final at all but that the PS4 was running at 1080p.

I would wait on the 1080p confirmation if they got something like this wrong already.

Idba1186d ago

@KNWS Both the playstation blog and 4A themselves have confirmed 1080/60fps for ps4 and 900p for xbone

georgeenoob1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

At least the difference isn't as big as it was in launch where X1 games were 720p. By the end of this year I expect there to be no difference in resolution between the two versions as developers get more familiar.

When DX12 and the cloud release however, I expect most X1 games to be 1080p 60fps no doubt.

Patrick_pk441186d ago

@KNWS Yeah, the Playstation Blog got the resolution wrong for Watch Dogs, but the official resolution is still higher then the bones.

FlunkinMonkey1186d ago

KNWS and George (truefan1, Axios and multiple other accounts) are SWEATING! haha.

Listen to you two, desperation personified.

NatureOfLogic_1186d ago

Lol at Xbox fanboys hoping the PS4 version is sub 1080p.

@ KNWS, you know there's only two games that fail to achieve 1080p on PS4 right? Washdogs and BF4. I haven't played either one on my PS4. Every game I've played on my PS4 is native 1080p so far. I know some games will justify sub 1080p in the future but Watchdogs and BF4 graphics and gameplay don't justify the sub 1080p resolution they run at imo. Maybe an argument could be made for BF4 running at 60fps and being a launch title. But, Watchdog will be the lowest resolution/FPS combo to hit PS4 so far. I'll buy it once the price comes down. It's not worth $60 when other devs are clearly setting an early standard for themselves.

Sevir1186d ago

They are pushing both... The PS4 is just more powerful and has room for more. Nothing new here... This isn't a trend, it's standard for the majority.

Sevir1186d ago

Lmao at Georgenoob... I thought the cloud was already available? And at least it wasn't bad at launch? Um 792p still isn't awesome and watch_Dogs on the XBO runs at that, along with "The Biggest Exclusive of 2014" yeah I'm talking about Titan Fall...

Keep making excuses... Direct X12 and Cloud power isn't going to make this situation change! Simply put. 1080p isn't the standard for Xbox One... It's more common on PS4. And we have another shining example of how much more powerful PS4 is over XBO.

game_infected1186d ago

Runs pretty bad on last gen! Did you even play them? 60 buck for just better frame rate and resulation.

MysticStrummer1186d ago

Both consoles will get improvements throughout the generation, but those hardware differences aren't going away. When a multi plat comes out that's the same res/fps for both, that only confirms that the PS4 version was held back in the name of parity. There will always be differences if the consoles are both being pushed as much as possible.

HomerDog1186d ago

yeah cuz you can tell the difference between 1080 and 900. I swear if gamers keep nitpicking these games the gaming industry is going down.

DevilOgreFish1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

"Metro Redux on PS4 runs at 1080p/60 FPS"

like watch dogs huh, everything will be 1080p 60 fps. even the games that highend PCs had a hard time ruining at ultra settings.

a GTX-680 gets 57fps running metro last light at 1680x1050 (very high settings).

S2Killinit1185d ago

Read the bottom updates. It is confirmed: xbone 900p; PS4 1080p

Kayant1185d ago

"Playstation blogs confirmed 1080p and 60 frames for Watchdogs too, look how that turned out!"

That wasn't the playstation blog that was the store listing which has been wrong before see trails and Ultimate spiderman 2 720p errors.

Also as mentioned the devs have outright confirmed it expect you're saying they are lying now.

imt5581185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )


Quote :
"... no difference in resolution between the two versions as developers get more familiar."

You said developers will get more familiar Xbone since Xbone's launch during November 2013. 6 months past. And what happen so far?


ESRAM is a bottleneck in Xbone. NOT because bandwith, but because of HIS SIZE. Period! 32MB isn't enough for 1080p image with demanding graphics with decent AA, DOF, decent lightning, HBAO etc.. When you combine eSRAM's size, DDR3's slow bandwith, weaker GPU, WHAT YOU GETTING?

reaperofsouls1185d ago

@ georgreenoob

Assassin's cread was 900p on the bone and 1080p of the mighty PS4 and that was a launch title to remind those with short mermories which in essence completely negates ur arguement about the bone catching up to the ps4 in terms of resolution.

NewZealander1185d ago

was ps3 "left behind" every time it got inferior versions of games? no it wasn't, did it mean devs were pushing 360 and ignoring ps3? nope.

for the entire life of ps3 fanboys defended it to the death despite its flaws, and thats fair enough, everyone entitled to their opinion, i supported both ps3 and 360 last gen, this gen im only supporting X1 and Wii U, i couldnt give a toss how many pixels are on screen, im going for the best games.

ALLWRONG1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

PS guys have such short term memories. Not long ago when Watch Dogs was announced to be sub 1080p on PS4 (the day Sony got caught lying) resolution didn't matter anymore.

hypocrisy shines.

Copen1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

MS fan boys just can't accept the TRUTH the FACT that the power difference between both systems is REAL it's not an opinion it's a proven smacking you right in the face FACT. STOP ARGUING OVER IT AND MOVE ON. Accept what your console is and please accept it your beloved MS did this to your console they gimped it and decided to abandon their hard core base for casuals and Kinect be mad at them but for God's sake stop acting like the difference isn't real and stop hoping the secret sauce will fix it.

morganfell1185d ago

"This is false, the resolution for xb1 hasn't been announced yet."

Polygon, more than any other site, has been sympathetic toward Microsoft and they are stating 900p as well.

Army_of_Darkness1185d ago

@georgenoob, I would expect you to expect that;-) Lmao

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Future_20151186d ago

Will the xbox juan break into smoke if applied 1080p lol i joke we like to joke

FanboyKilla1185d ago

Lol thats why sony fanboys are a joke. You are talking about a edge you cant even see lmfao reeeeeeeaching. No one can tell me they can see 720p 1080p and tell them apart. Lmfao you only know because they tell you.(follower) but here you are everytime they post about res, like clock work. Lmfao those people posting gotta be like this is too easy. They are like drones, bots even oh the irony in that. If 1080p is ps4s claim to fame ill pass, because the wii u does 1080p 60fps pretty much standard. Smh that the most powerful console has nothing better going for it half a year later than the same thing that suckered them in at launch. Lmfao waiting on greatness.

fenome1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )


I've been watching blu ray movies for a long time, and I can tell the difference between 720p on my moms little 32inch tv and 1080p on my 60inch. Either your TV is too small or you're just trying to defend a console, either way though, I can in FACT tell the difference.

If there was no difference why would devs even try for 1080, hell if there was no difference then why does the X1 have such a hard time with it?

reko1185d ago


why so mad? go see a doctor.
go check your eyes.

MysticStrummer1185d ago

"No one can tell me they can see 720p 1080p and tell them apart."

Are you joking? I certainly can on my 42inch from 6ft away.

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As an X1 owner Im glad to see games getting closer to what PS4 can do. Instead of 1080p vs 720p at the beginning, we are starting to see 1080p vs 900p or 900p vs 792p, etc. I know the X1 will never match the PS4's power, but it makes me happy that it's getting better :)

AKissFromDaddy1186d ago

Lol...Xbox juan...that's wrong man but it's funny.

Matt6661185d ago

who f**in cares about the resolution, as long as you enjoy the game

TAURUS-5551185d ago

im so sorry for the xbox1 owners...but they saw it coming. its their fault after all. they all could buy a PS4 instead