Minecraft: Xbox One Edition Coming in August

Xboxwire :

"Are you feeling that uncomfortable “Minecraft” withdrawal from not being able to go all next-gen with your favorite blocky life simulator? If so, great news: “Minecraft” creator Mojang has just announced that “Minecraft: Xbox One Edition” is coming to the Xbox Live Marketplace this August – and if you’re a current “Minecraft” enthusiast, it’s only going to cost you a mere $4.99*!

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Bonkerz1643d ago

YAY for 4.99 upgrade, nice job! Cant wait for this.

Gamer6661643d ago

Microsoft's news just doesn't seem to be stopping...

Sunset Overdrive, Halo Guardians, XBLG changes, Kinect unbundling, and now Minecraft in August with a discount to current 360 gamers!

What is left for E3?

Bonkerz1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

From what they are saying they have a couple megatons for E3. You gotta think about it, they announced Halo before E3, can you imagine what they have in store for us at at the show?

boonjokoonjo1643d ago

Wanted to play this before school starts o well better late than never.

Pogmathoin1643d ago

About time :) I have not had the heart to take this back from my son, now will be able to get it for $5 too..... Now, just give me Fallout 4 news, and life will be grand indeed.....

Salooh1643d ago

A lot of people i know will be happy for this news ^^ .