Driveclub: You Can See Aurora Borealis, Procedurally Generated Clouds; 30 FPS Will Be “Rock Solid”

While Driveclub doesn’t have a full weather simulation, there will be a few visual treats for you to enjoy while you play the game.

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rajman1638d ago

I need ma veins

voicingofreason1638d ago

Going to be too busy looking at the scenery and other things to be able to race properly. My excitement is going up a notch.

-Foxtrot1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

I'm going to be in last place as I'll be going really slow to look around :)

"Oops missed something...REVERSE"

TheGrimReaper00111638d ago

Now I'm just imagining the first day, everyone driving so slow to admire the scenery XD

"Oooo. O, look at that!"
"Wow, take a picture!"

Speaking of which, will driveclub have a photomode, kinda like Infamous Second Son? I get it wouldn't work for Multiplayer obviously, but just singleplayer?

bleedsoe9mm1638d ago

i'm waiting for a article explaining the value of fish AI , i hope this game is better than the stories that are telling why this game is so great

Spotie1638d ago

What? Well, one of the game's main draws is its attention to detail in the graphics. The articles don't have to do much more than parrot that and show images or video. There's no new gameplay that people have gotten their hands on, so they can't talk about that.

Exactly what is the problem with talking about the visuals when they're a major aspect of the game?

FlameWater1638d ago

"Rock Solid 30 fps" what is that a guarantee for frame stutter?

Funantic11638d ago

30fps for a nexgen race game?

DigitalRaptor1638d ago

A next-gen racing game that actually looks next-gen?.... YES.

A next-gen racing game that meets the standard of level of content for its genre?.... YES.

30FPS?... YES.

Fun-looking game?... YES.

Not on Xbone?.... YES.

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