Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light remastered

"Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light come together for a new remaster package for the new generation of consoles and PC in the newly announced Metro Redux. This is better than your standard tweak-and-ship remaster as it has seen a full year development cycle, with the original in-house team handling the work. "

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AceBlazer131638d ago ShowReplies(3)
NYC_Gamer1638d ago

"A double pack including all will release for consoles, priced at $49.99"

2 upgraded games for 50 bucks while some publishers are trying to push 60 bucks

MasterCornholio1638d ago

Thats a good price.

I think ill buy it. I never completed the second one and i never played the first one. I stopped playing the game ever since i got my PS4.

blackblades1638d ago

I just beat the ps3 version, going to platinum and release this game out my backlog.

Idba1638d ago

Confirmed to be 1080/60fps on PS4, but currently only 60fps is confirmed for xbone. Also 4A said the framerate is locked on both systems

masterfox1638d ago

is there a link that confirms that on the PS4 ? 1080p/60fps

CrowbaitBob1638d ago

It seems these days links aren't any more of a confirmation than random rumors. The only real confirmations occur at release.

hello121638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

Its 900p 60 frames for xb1 (ps4 1080p 60 frames) PS4 can push out higher resolutions because of its stronger GPU.

However looking at the videos of Wolfenstein and Watchdogs, on both platforms, just proves resolution was a PR stunt from Sony.

Xb1, has better graphic drivers, and its showing up in those games for all to see.

[email protected] yes at native 1080p yes the PS4 in theory should have a better image, but the graphics driver is system software that controls a computer's video adapter (sometimes called a video card or GPU) So it doesn't mean you will get a better image going to 1080p. Graphic drivers do lot of the work. And a one dev has already stated opengl is inferior to directx12.

Idba1638d ago

? So a higher resolution is jut a PR stunt? A higher resolution means that the game will look better and sharper. This is especially good for multiplayer games .

Also videos of watch dogs is mostly on youtube at 720p

CrowbaitBob1638d ago

Resolution only appears as a publicity stunt to people that think resolution is everything.

People who have actually seen the video settings screen of pretty much every PC game in existence realize that resolution is only a small part of what determines how a game looks.

Salooh1638d ago

Awesome , gonna buy 2033 for ps4 ^^.

But i expected a new game though. Little bit disappointed.

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