5 Cancelled Games We'll Probably Never Get To Play

Nikki P. of Gamer Assault Weekly gives us the top 5 cancelled games we will never get to play.

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Jourdy2881373d ago

Man, Sadness looks like it had real potential.

Majin-vegeta1373d ago

Regarding sadness yea.

I would add Manhunt 3.

VRex71373d ago

I am still distraught about Star Wars 1313, had so much potential to be an amazing title! Why didn't anyone pick it up, there was really no chance to fail with it. =( le sigh*

Spotie1373d ago

I always play canceled games. In fact, they're the only games I play.

Edgetroll1373d ago

Make's me sad that games that have so much potential like these get cancelled, and yet we keep seeing crappy remakes coming out over and over again

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The story is too old to be commented.