Will Microsoft's Xbox One Price Cut Kill the Console or Save It?

Microsoft is tired of letting Sony pad its lead in competition among the latest generation of gaming consoles, so the Xbox parent is going on the offensive. Microsoft will release a cheaper Xbox One on June 9, the day before diehard gamers converge at the annual E3 conference.

Slashing the system's price by $100 to $399 will match what Sony is commanding for its PlayStation 4, but Xbox fans will have to do without the motion-based Kinect controller to get the lower price. That's a big sacrifice given how Microsoft has promoted its camera-based controller to players and developers, but it was the easiest way to cut the price just seven months into the console's life cycle.

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Mikelarry1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

Imo i think it will help it i got one after the price announcment but cheaper than than 350 including kinect and titanfall, i have a few friends who were waiting on a pricecut before jumping to next gen as to be honest theres nothing really out there that really justifies spending 349 or 429 for next gen but that is about to change after e3. So with this price cut they are more than ready

denawayne1663d ago

It'll kill it. They're done. Pack it in. Cancel E3.

Naga1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

Should probably add a /s to that comment to avoid running into bubble trouble.

Though it should be obvious that nobody in their right mind would think that...

1663d ago
Xbot12141663d ago

Gamers logic is always about complaining,

Gamer -"We don't want DRM on our console"

DRM was removed

Gamer -"Kinect is useless, remove it n drop the price"

Kinect was removed and price dropped

Gamer -"Power bar is too big, remove it and drop the price again"

Dudebro901664d ago

Neither. Flamebait headline is garbage.

MasterCornholio1663d ago

It should have been there since the beginning but thats just my opinion.

Godmars2901663d ago

Thing is MS's idea of "choice" has generally been subjective. Often requires additional costs or less features.

psforward1663d ago

Not sure how a price cut would kill it...other things yes but not a price cut.

NexGen1663d ago

My exact thoughts. Is this even a legit site? I don't think a legit site would ask such a stupid question lol.

mrpsychoticstalker1663d ago

Kill what? Haven't you seen how popular the Xbox brand is now?

More to see at E3

MasterCornholio1663d ago

Seems about as popular as before to me.


It'll take time for the price cut to have its effect on sales given the fact that the Kinectless bundle wasn't even released yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.