Preview: Murdered Soul Suspect [Expansive]

Square Enix is stepping outside of its comfort zone with upcoming title, Murdered: Soul Suspect, from Airtight Games. It tells the tale of a detective who must solve the most important murder of his career.

No one really sees their last day on Earth coming. After all, we are all far too busy dealing with whatever is going on in our everyday lives to truly appreciate every moment. That is perhaps what Detective Ronan O’Connor realises as he literally sees his life flash before his eyes.

Every major moment of his life is carefully selected and played out as he makes the transition to the ghostly realm. What is interesting about this whole montage is that he adds a tattoo to his body for every major moment in his life – already making Ronan far more memorable than most characters in a similar situation.

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Dustinf111641d ago

I really cant decide on this game... it being in Salem mass is cool, because I live there, but I havnt seen anything that sells it just yet. Does anyone know if this is a full $60 release or a PSN type game?