E3 2014 Rumor: Microsoft's Big Third Party Xbox One Exclusive Is Not Resident Evil 7 says Insider

Resident Evil 7 is not the big Microsoft E3 2014 third party exclusive, so what it is?

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nope1111670d ago

Doubt it would be something as big as RE7.

christocolus1670d ago

I hope it isn't resi7 cos that series has been going downhill since resi5. E3 is about 17days away. Can't wait to see what MS brings to the table.

Gotcha51670d ago

Resident Evil is not so "Big" anymore?

nope1111670d ago

I'm quite aware at the status of the franchise, but there's no denying that the brand name alone is still very relevant.

Also, we did get Revelations, which was really good.

DOMination-1670d ago

Its Fallout. Bethesda made a deal a year ago with MS because they fully supported always online drm just as ea did with titanfall.

Lucreto1670d ago

Might be Dragons Dogma 2 then.

-Foxtrot1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

Resident Evil and Fallout which people have been throwing around are not going to be exclusives

No way those massive franchises, especially with how well the PS4 is selling, would be exclusive to one system. Capcom are too greedy and Bethesda would want as many sales as possible, it's like asking GTA to be an exclusive.

If it's an existing franchise then it's got to be something smaller, something which is good but not as big, like Dragons Dogma. If it's a new IP then maybe it's Epics Samaritan.


Hellsvacancy1670d ago

Dead Rising 4, calling it now

n4rc1670d ago

Could be titanfall again.. Who knows

Dr4 is a possibility as well

sam_job1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

Epic Samaritan is the best bet i can place on "Epic Plus Unreal Engine Plus Xbox One, its really going to be someting pretty Amazing....... watch it

MrSwankSinatra1670d ago

Okay enough with these fake rumors from insiders trying to seek attention. E3 is 18 days away, just wait and see.

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The story is too old to be commented.