Evolution Studios: Driveclub's engine will see us through to the PS5

At a tour of Evolution Studios this week TechRadar got to take the game for an early test drive and chat to the developers about the game's souped-up, new-gen engine.

"For Driveclub it does a good job. By the end of the PS4 life cycle it's going to do a brilliant job," said Driveclub art director Alex Perkins.

"We're just going to keep evolving it. That's the whole point of this engine. We're not going to drop it down and change it for a different game. It's just going to keep evolving."

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Abash1245d ago

I want them to use that engine to make a new MotorStorm

GarrusVakarian1245d ago

Omg, yes please!

A new Motorstorm would be amazing, DAT NEXT-GEN MUD!

Milruka1245d ago

I would love to see some ground deformation like they had in Sega Rally Revo.

creatchee1245d ago

MotorStorm was my first PS3 game - would love to see it cone to PS4. On a side note, the visuals from MotorStorm are still pretty good.

Nineball21121245d ago

Yeah, I'm not normally a racing game kind of guy, but I'd def be interested in a new MotorStorm.

RevXM1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

Misleading title, Ps5 not confirmed.

Cant wait to get my hands on driveclub, Im curious how the crash/damage physics will be as I can not remember evolution say much about it though I know its there because of this:
And some in engine shots showing slight damage.
Also found this one, look closer lol.

xjatsx1245d ago

please add me xjatzx if u r gonna b using a steering wheel for driveclub.