Video preview: Socialized racing in PS4's Driveclub | Joystiq

After deciding to go a few more laps to ensure its social features functioned as envisioned, Evolution Studios is ready to unleash its delayed PS4-exclusive racer Driveclub onto the world.

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xjatsx1669d ago

this game is not gonna get the attention it deserves. project cars will be out in november, this will be put to one side gonna get the free ps+

jhoward5851669d ago

Project cars is an awesome game. But there's something special in DC.

One things I notice DC does well that most race game don't offers... it simulate how lighting affect our eye in the real world.

If you look real closely in the last DC demo you'll notice The lens flare sort of prevent you from seeing what in front of the car.

The night time scene did that as well. Revolution also added a bit of fog to give the same effect.

Day one for me.