Driveclub: Fantastic 20 Minutes Video Shows Gameplay, Car and Track Selection, Customization, More

If you want to see more about Driveclub, today is your day, as the good folks at PlayStation Access released a large 20 minutes video showcasing the game, its options and much more, including a long Q&A with the developers.

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ZodTheRipper1670d ago

I will so watch this once I get home. Finally some extensive footage.

Majin-vegeta1670d ago

SO worth it very informative and just makes you more hyped for the release.

ZodTheRipper1670d ago

Yes I thought so after reading that title ;)
It seems like they are finally ready to reveal the game.

FATAL1TY1670d ago

★ Drive Club is the best looking racing game ★

Only on PS4

FamilyGuy1670d ago

55 tracks in the full version, 11 in PS+ edition.
This is good to hear, too bad about split screen multiplayer but I anticipate most would be focusing on online play though.

October is so far away though :'(

XiSasukeUchiha1670d ago eyes............their.....on.. .fire!!!

ZodTheRipper1670d ago

Don't forget to watch the Audio trailer, I was floored :D
This truly is next gen racing, can't wait to see what Polyphony comes up with.

GarrusVakarian1670d ago


Amazing sounds, dare i say even better than Forza...and light years better than Gran Turismo.

This game is going to be epic.

Destrania1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

This game's going to make my brain explode. Absolutely astonishing.If Sony is showing this kind of stuff now, imagine what will be at E3!

cruzngta1669d ago

It is an INSANE looking game Lukas. Day one buy for me - got my preorder in months ago.

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ginsunuva1670d ago

Thanks, now we know you're not home.

Hurry everyone, invade his house!

Crazyglues1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Wow the level of detail is really crazy, I thought at first they were just saying what all developers always say...

But after seeing these -

Man they were not playing, this Game is going to have some serious detail.. Looks Amazing..

★ Drive Club may just be the best looking racing game ★

||.........___||............ ||

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Unreal011670d ago

This game looks fantastic. I like the fact that you can unlock things depending on how well you drive.

Milruka1670d ago

Slowly gaining my interest here.

voicingofreason1670d ago

My interested had waned quite a bit and no doubt will again waiting for it to release. At the minute though i feel quite stoked for it.

Dee_911670d ago

customization was a bit of a let down, I was hoping for bodykits and such. Still excited for it though

Criti-Choco1670d ago

Shame you can't customize performance parts, one of the most interesting things for me in the GT series was to customize my cars and have them setup to drift.

Was expecting more simulation, not at all turned off however, game looks great and the features as well.

As for the 30fps debate that will probably flood this article later.... I don't think its that much of an issue for a driving game to go at 60+ frames, frame data isn't as crucial as say a fighting game or a competitive FPS.

Abriael1670d ago

It does make sense from a competitive point of view though.

Criti-Choco1670d ago

Totally, I understand his point of not having that system in place, but you could also have balancing mechanics much like the point system GT had.

Not saying this game won't do well without it, just a quality imo which could have been a good addition. Atleast there is a form of visual customization though, just curious to how much we can customize.

Razjin1670d ago

in a sense yes but lets be real 60fps and above is just a safe zone that ppl feel comfortable with in case of dips but if the devs are confident in their fixed 30fps then it really wouldn't make a difference so then it would come back to your specific monitor or tv you use for gaming depending on the input lag or your internet speeds/bandwidth when online too.

Milruka1670d ago

I've already said I look forward to this.

However, frame rate is a huge difference in racing games.

Going from 45fps on my old PC to 144fps on my new one in Dirt 3 alone I was able to pull well over 7 second faster lap times on certain tracks and huge gains in times on longer courses. This applied to all of my racing games.

Be capable of driving in a much smoother environment helps you immensely.

Now keep in mind I'm not saying it takes away from the fun, but in any competitive environment, be it fps, rts, racing, fighters. Reaction time and fluidity can change everything.

But as a enjoyable experience for your average player, or even someone like myself just wanting something different and fun to play. 30fps is just fine.

Criti-Choco1670d ago

What I mean, is that the shift from 30 to 60 FPS isn't going to affect you much against competition like say in a fighting game, where frame data is read in a quick time frame in order to react appropriately. In racing it is more due to your knowledge of the tracks.

And in terms of online play since everyone will be running the same frames should be a pretty fair environment.

Patrick_pk441670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

The problem they touched upon is that performance parts would hinder another players experience since others would have a more clear advantage over the other. Are we able to customize the look of the cars though (visual)?

What annoys me is that more and more exclusives are cancelling split screen...where is the fun in playing alone when the game could be better with a friend.

amnalehu1670d ago

Thrustmaster support! Great news!

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