Ubisoft on how Chicago’s AI will react to you when you have ‘heat’ in Watch Dogs

Players have a choice in “Watch Dogs” to be good or bad. That choice comes with consequences in how the world around you reacts. Ubisoft Creative Director Jonathan Morin spoke with Examiner on the differences that positive and negative “heat” will bring.

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TrollingKoala1640d ago

I think it is kinda cool how the game kind of (from what ive seen) lets you decide what you are doing is right or wrong i mean obviously shooting a 7 year old in the face is kinda bad but i want a situation where it is like "you need money, you can steal from this man who recently got divorced, lost his house and is now homeless or you can steal from this man who was mugged and stabbed not just a few days ago" those decisions where it needs your input would be pretty cool to explore in my opinion.

3-4-51640d ago

^ Both would be tough decisions, therefore actually making you feel bad about it because either way in the scenario you listed, you would be screwing somebody over who ALSO just got screwed over, which would make any normal person feel bad.

^ Would add a ton to the game. Great Idea tk

Martinineter1640d ago

The people around you are one of the thing that make this game special.