E3 Judge's Week Doesn't Indicate Anything Special From Sony, Expo More About 3rd Party Games

E3 2014 is inching closer and closer with each passing day and industry insider Ahsan Rasheed - also known as "Thuway" - has revealed some interesting tidbits about what we may (and may not) see from Microsoft and Sony.

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-Foxtrot1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

They better have something, Sony can't be that stupid when they know MS is going to go all out full force at this E3. I mean you would be getting every project prepared thats ready to be shown to counter them. Sony Bend, Sony London, Sony Japan, Media Molecule, Sony Santa Monica, GG, NaughtyDog, Project Beast etc

"This might pain people to hear this, but a majority of E3 will be dedicated to third parties showing off their titles"

This really ticks me off, it's a Microsoft/Sony conference, the main things they should be showing is stuff from THEIR studios. I mean EA has their own conference, Ubisoft do, maybe there should be another third party show which houses only third party games, stuff which isn't Ubisoft/EA

gameseveryday1667d ago

I kind of doubt that Sony will show all their games in one show. They might have several games in development but from a business sense it makes sense to show at different events.

It does not make any sense for a company to announced 10 new games and keep quiet for the next 12 months.

-Foxtrot1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

I wouldn't want them to show all of them

"It does not make any sense for a company to announced 10 new games and keep quiet for the next 12 months."

Well lets all be honest it's not like they showed that much off last E3 so they have been pretty quiet so far. They must have built up the announcements by now.

Even if you keep one or two for Gamescom and VGA's that would do nicely.

Bundi1667d ago

I remember when it was said that MS blew their AAA load all at E3 last year and that sony had more announcements just spread out. A year later and it hasn't really panned out that way

Unreal011667d ago

To be honest, I think Sony will announce a Last Of Us 2 at E3, as that would be pretty big and go up against MS nicely. As much as I love E3 and don't want to put a downer on things, I don't expect too much in the way of new announcements, it's not really needed with the upcoming big hitters like Destiny, Driveclub, Halo, Uncharted, The Order, FFXV, Gears etc.

That being said, I would kill for a Borderlands 3 announcement.

HomerDog1667d ago

like always Sony fans Ok with anything they do even if it's no games. wow talk about delusional

ShinMaster1666d ago

Why does the title only say Sony???

""if you’re expecting either SONY or MICROSOFT to flood you with first party exclusives, prepare to be disappointed.""

Yetter1664d ago

It is a video game expo you know

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Kayant1667d ago

This doesn't mean much tbh because judges week is meant for titles that are in playable form.

"For a game to be voted on it must be playable, and because of this if a game isn't shown at this event, chances are very high it's not shipping this year "

Works for kotaku

Look at the rules for it to be at the event --->

There will still be surprises for all three but like Rashid Sayed said it's not going to be all for one show there is Gamescom and TGS and Sony showed a lot at Gamescom last year.

Saigon1666d ago

Good find; but to be honest, I didn't even know there was a judges week. So this was news to me and made me a little disappointed at first until I heard the definition. Thanks for clearing that up...

Odoylerules0001667d ago

As a Sony fan, I could totally see Sony completely shitting its pants this E3. I don't expect anything for the Vita. I predict that Sony comes out really lame and makes MS look crazy good. Last thing they want to do, I know, but they've been missing a lot of opportunities lately. I have no interest whatsoever in the bone but until Sony starts showing some effort, I won't be picking up a Ps4, either.

sinncross1667d ago

I think Sony will try and have a strong show but I agree with Rashid. Sony, more so than MS or Nintendo, use a lot of shows to show off new games.

If I recall, Sony at gamescom (august) for the last few years have been much better showings for them compared to E3.

But you never know... cant take an 'insiders' word for everything. Just have to see what Sony shows and see if it is comparable to MS.

blackout1666d ago

Let's see how many games Sony announces this year that was already announced last year. We will see. Now the Sony fan want to downplay e3 and talk about other conferences. E3 is the BIGGEST gaming conference on the planet, the reason why is cause every major studio is there. Microsoft has changed the game with all this pre e3 news, something I feel every major studio should do. E3 just seems to short, if your a fan. Can't wait to the 9th.

truefan11667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

All I'm going to say is sony has been really boastful about sales and the most powerful console ever. Yet have only made a blanket statement about 1000+ devs making games. They have been suspiciously quiet, when they are typically not so quiet.

@dericb11 Do you honestly think I really care about disagrees, if I did then I would never comment. Lol some people take this stuff way too seriously.

dericb111667d ago


At this point whenever I see you comments I will disagree with you regardless of what is said. You have evolved from a "Troll" to "Complete Dumbass". Congrats to you.

Skankinruby1667d ago

If you're gonna be a troll at least do it right. You can start by not sounding so desperate for an opening to insult Sony. The stupidity of your insults is only matched by youre freakishly obsessive habit of knob gobbling Microsoft any chance you get

FITgamer1666d ago

If have to edit your comment to bring up your disagrees then obviously you do care. When don't care about something you ignore it.

XiSasukeUchiha1666d ago


Congrats man, just congrats for the disagree it's a true honor but not to insult, Sony's is bring out their big guns just like MS is !

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majiebeast1667d ago

Oh dear lord more Thuway news. I hope he messes up as badly as Famousvoldermort so we don't have an article every time he farts.

Septic1667d ago

Agreed. This Thuway guy does my head in. The fact that he gets so much attention is even more annoying. Stop feeding him!

majiebeast1667d ago

All of them are getting pretty annoying. Just Tidux and Shinobi are a lot less vocal.

Bonkerz1667d ago

Uh oh Sony might drop the ball that would be disaster.

SniperControl1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

The only reason MS "fans" come in here and say that, is because they are insecure about MS's conference being a total washout.

Both conferences will be awesome.

You buy your games for your X1, i will buys games for both.

Bundi1667d ago

Well that escalated quickly!

Odoylerules0001667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

Nah, I'm a pretty big MS hater but I agree with him. Sony should keep the momentum up since MS has been looking pretty clown shoes this gen but they seem pretty lethargic lately. @Bundi: Things tend to here.

rainslacker1666d ago

hmmm...according to some, Sony has no games now, and it doesn't seem to be hurting them. If they don't bring games, how exactly will it hurt them?

OT: I think both shows will be pretty good. Sony and MS will try to keep the focus on games. How they point that focus may be different. I imagine Sony will spend some time on PSNow and VR. Sadly I don't think they'll spend much time on the Vita.

SniperControl1667d ago

Getting a bit sick and tired of all these leaks, they are ruining E3 for everybody.
Most of the stuff that comes out of there mouths is BS anyway.

Let the games do the talking!

Ravenheartzero1667d ago

Oh well, not long to go peeps, we will finally see ourselves what they bring to the show

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